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This worries me - what do others think??? - Carers UK Forum

This worries me - what do others think???

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This following worried me this morning.I realise that for some people advice regarding finances is going to be needed but when financial planning companies await changes in Care provisions,I am sorry but alarm bells start ringing for me.Might be me overreacting but hairs on back of my neck stood up reading this.

Anyone got any thoughts??????


http://www.citywire.co.uk/News/NewsArti ... onID=99697

The government’s introduction of personal care budgets for the elderly and disabled is welcome news to Stephen Wilkinson of York-based Charles Wilkinson Financial Planning.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson has announced an extra £520 million of ring-fenced funding over three years to establish a system that allows those who require care, or their families, to have control over where their money is spent instead of relying on social workers.

The extra funding and greater control over finances means more people will be able to remain in their own homes, providing more potential business for advisers.

‘Currently, a lot of people who could stay in their own homes with just a bit of care end up in homes, which incur greater costs,’ Wilkinson said. ‘If they can remain at home, they will perhaps be able to use equity release or other types of investments.’

In his announcement, Johnson said: ‘Our commitment that the majority of social care funding will be controlled by individuals, through personal budgets, represents a radical transfer of power from the state to the public. Everyone, irrespective of their illness or disability, has the right to self determinations and maximum control over their own lives.’

Public money spent on social care comes from central government grants, council tax revenues and user charges, which account for 14% of gross expenditure. The total gross expenditure on adult social care in 2005-06 was £13.7 billion.

Under the current system, individual councils decide how to use funding and how much of it to spend on social care.

But under the welfare reform, to be rolled out next April, councils will pay a monthly sum into bank accounts set up by older people or their relatives. Cash provided will depend on means testing of health and personal needs.

The new system was unveiled in an agreement called Putting People First, which has been committed to by central and local government, the Department of Health adult social care programme and the NHS.
Yes Rosemary-- the vultures are waiting to pick the bones!!!!
This is very worrying rosemary. Image
more pickings from a depleted pot, less for the end user, by time every other agency gets their cut the original package will be well whittled down.
Same as council making you sell your home for care in old folks home

the elderly disabled will have nothing left to pass on to relatives if you release cash and the care package is means tested you will not get the care package anyway

Its a good idea. Lots of people use direct payments now and those who do in the main support the system because it puts them in control of their own care.
A direct payment is one thing. Financial "advice" is another. There are schemes to help people to operate their direct payments without the "help" of financial advisers, who, let's face it, don't have the best of track records. I for one am aware of some very poor advice that nearly bankrupted my parents some years ago.