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This should not be allowed, it makes me very ANGRY - Carers UK Forum

This should not be allowed, it makes me very ANGRY

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This is our money that is being taken out of this country, this is utterly wrong and the big charitable groups should speak up against our money being wasted like this.

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Hi Tony

I thought I was reading a fairy tail when I read this.
No wonder they say the British have a good sense of humor we are Governed by a bunch of Comedians.
Tony my father STAN was a prisoner of war in POLAND for 5 years we were able to visit many times and in fact we made a few friends in the POZNAN , KRAKOV area and would often send food parcels out to them
however STAN would be furious if he knew what was going on right now ive got no problem sending cash to poor countries but when we have polish workers here in UK and claiming benefits to send back home its just not on and should be stopped now.

i saw one case where the polish worker was sending out to his wife in poland about £180 per month i think it was child benefit but not 100% sure but his benefit was the same as my carers allowance something is wrong with this system.

Hi John and George: I am sure that someone is bound to bring up the Racist card, well i do not care any more, all this political correctness is stifling a true discussion around issues such as this.
The thing that also really annoys me is that the child benefit is paid at the english rate, in Poland that is a large amount of money and i am sure that the Polish must be laughing their tiny little socks off.
New Labour have made this country a laughing stock with their experiment in forcing groups together, when i go to my GP and am told that my appointment has been put back because they are waiting for a translator i get sick to my stomach.
Resentment in this country is building up already about the influx of people from abroad, give it another few years and real trouble will start to happen,new labour will be to blame and so will all the other parties.
Where i live in London i am in the minority, in the next few years and this is according to Ken Livingstones own figures, indigenous white Londoners will be the minority, now who will be the first to say i am being Racist for saying that? thats not Racist, thats a fact.
All the workers who have just built our new health centre were polish, polish workers can afford to work cheaper than ourselves because they all share a house for a couple of years and send back the majority of their wages to Polond, when they return they have a large amount of money put away.
The government dont want full employment from people who were born here, cheap labour for big business is a good thing for the company owners, it is bad for us british though.
Pensioners and carers going without and this damm government pay Polish people child benefit, what government idiot thought that one up or is that some european directive?.
I am English, i am not european, i dont care what the government say, my mother and father did not fight in the war to hand over everything this country fought for, we are a small island, it is time that the borders were completely closed, no more immigrants, not for any reason, we are full up.
If i am banned for saying all this fine, but it is the truth and i will not be stopped from voicing my honest opinion, this country is still supposed to be a country where free speech is allowed and encouraged.

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Tony, we may be British but we are also European. It means that, should we decide to live in another European country, we can expect to claim the benefits of that country - provided we meet the local criteria.

The UK rules for benefit are generally looser than in other countries, but of course tightening the rules will hurt carers even more no doubt.

Even so, some benefit laws require at least 6 months living in the UK before they can be claimed (Carers Allowance is one of these). It should be reasonable to ensure that the law is changed so that all benefits meet this requirement - so that people (whoever they are) cannot immediately claim from a system they did not pay into. This would be similar to the rules in most other countries, I believe.
Dear Charles: You may be british but please do not call me that, i am English and i am also not European, i would never want to be and i never will be no matter what anyone in this or any other government say.
As for the benefits system, i believe and so do most people think it is wrong that people who have paid taxes in this country should be paying benefits to other people who are not even in this country, that is just wrong and unfair.
My dear mother would turn in her grave if she saw what was happening now, this country was once respected, now people laugh at how stupid we have become, we as a nation just except anything that we are told.

Tony Image PS: I hope you are keeping well charles.
A 'citizen's summit' of 1000 people will take place next year to decide a new definition of British values.

Justice Minister Michael Wills said the panel, chosen to be representative of the public at large, would be able to take evidence from witnesses.

Once a 'statement of British values' has been devised, the summit will also look at how the statement should be used across the country he said.

Is it just me or is this a complete waste of time and more importantly tax payers money?

Paula xx
Dear Tony, I rarelyu read the paper or watch the news these days as I find it all so depressing and especially issues regarding war and cruelty in general. Reading your post however stir up a great sadness in me, a sadness for our poor old England and it's citizens. I think your comment about whether you may be in danger of being racist is understandable but I don't think it is racist to object to foreigners invading our overflowing country and affecting it's inhabitants security, and way of life. I am shocked to read the latest regarding the over softness of the government towards the Polish and ohter nationalities who receive such handouts, we are all affected by this, surely it is perfectly acceptable to voice our objections to that. I am looking for a safe and secure home for my daughter and I but my situation is very very difficult and complicated. With all the different authorities and organisations I have had to communicatre with many have been oblivious to what I am saying because they could not speak English properly. I am on the housing register with 3 different counties and have been given a high amount of points because of the threat upon my daughter and I and also because she is unwell and I am her carer. Nevertheless they say they have no properties available and yet are housing immigrants all around the areas I have chosen, I don't feel I am being racist by objecting to that, it is not a personal feeling of superiority over them that I have but merely an objection to them being given priority over Englands own, after all they do have thier own counntry...it may have it's own problems and poverty, but so do we.
I understand your feelings.
Let's hope for a future where Dear England can be saved from crumbling completely and for harmony amongst those who are already here, I agree the gates should be closed.
Best wishes, Soozzze
To read that Polish workers are receiving and sending Child Benefits back to Poland for children who don't even live here makes makes me so angry!! Image£ sign for foreigners to come over and abuse. It has to...Image
Hi Soozzze and Pat: Thankyou for your support in what i am saying, only a couple of weeks ago on TV there was a documentary focusing on the housing problem in some areas of this country, the conclusion was that some councils were giving priority to immigrants, that is wrong, totally wrong, i would not be given priority if i was in another country, we have become soft touches in this country for all the worlds problems, enough is enough.
The language problem is another thing that annoys me, why should we pay for translators,in my local GP surgery there must be leaflets in twenty or thirty diffrent languages.
New Labour have not one person in their cabinet who understands the older generation, this government hate everything to do with this countries great past, you only have to see how they treat our men and women in the military, they dont have anyone who has served in the military, they can send our men and woman abroad to die in a war that this country did not ask for, our priminister cannot even have the decency to attend any of the dead soldiers funerals, i am talking about blair and brown.
Political correctness has harmed this country and will continue to do so, the indiginous population must keep quite while other people from other nations and communities can just have a free reign to slag this once great country off, i for one will not keep quite about what i see happening in my area or country, if that gets me into trouble then so be it, i have my own forum where i can tell the truth and will not be banned or told off.
I hope that both of you are ok, keep your chins up soozzze and pat.

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