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this may cheer one of u up-irony -Carers UK Forum

this may cheer one of u up-irony

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today id had enough of the christmas tree so it came down,
the evil thing scratched me and blimey there was a lot of blood- eventually stopped bleeding so i carried on
tonight jumped in the bath put hand flat and heard the split of my hand again
so out the bath and rummaging in my pjs for the strip of plasters - its vanished
found NEWSKIN! wot a good idea, no sticky plaster mark, got it fo rmatty and his never used
i now know why
OUCH!!! who invented it? hitler? cor pain- nothing like it!
I had to hold the split together with one hand and use my mouth to paint this evil stuff on

Listening to msic like i often do on my ipod sterio thingy david grey chilled relaxing
this is the irony the song was called hospital food- first line "let me give u something for the pain"
After screaming like kate bush sings wuthering heights waking up amy and cerys and the dog going mad i did not need the wonderful david grey singing that!
feel it,oh its just bad and,ive had my share of these things,in recent weeks,at work,home,ive banged my head,drawing blood over and over,felt really bad after one hit,i can tell you.
ive also caught my thumb on the food blender knife and paper cutted my for finger with foil (how?) after getting attacked by the tree..
i hope this is it for now though!
maxi we must never be left on our for 2 long lol it could b dangerous!
Plasters - now there's a thing - where DO they get to? Cut my thumb, knew I had a brand new box of plasters. Where though? Decided to go back to well tried and tested tissue with spit on to make it stick Image
Its a popular remedy...
http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/M ... oiletPaper

[quote]•The Simpsons Did It, of course]
yes,when it hits the fan,its by the skip-load.
i cut my leg shaving in my younger clubbing days, stuck a bit of tissue to it and went out like it- the bit that was still white glowed under the UV lights! i was so cool lol
Just read your post again Pixie, didn't notice you put 'new skin' last time, my ex used it on me once! I spent the rest of the day asking her what I'd done to upset her! lol It wasn't until about a month later, after she had driven home from work nursing a cut on her arm, that it clicked why I had been so sure that I was in her 'bad books' a month earlier! lol Image Still, I probably shouldn't have giggled when she put the stuff on her own cut! I knew why I was in bad books that day! lol

(Every time I try to write what I want to say, it seems to come out as though I'm trying to pass some sort of entry test to Cambridge or Harvard if you know what I mean??? lol:) I really don't talk like this, honest.....lol) Trev
i have verbal runs- just let it all out, i type how i talk, a load of rubbish lol

i didnt realise why matt was really very very nice to me when i brought it for him, now i iknow and i have appologised to him!
ive just asked him if it would sting his eyes if i put it in them- his making me coffee and strangley looking scared lol! (i wouldnt, im saving it for when he cuts himself and nods off tehehehehe)
that new skin is just satan- who ever invented it has a more evil humour than me!