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This is the reality for patients

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I would write a formal request written for a copy of the assessment to the CEO of the hospital, saying you are concerned proper procedures may not have been followed. SSD should not be involved until after a negative assessment. 4 care visits a day is the limit of SSD care, whereas CHC can be 24/7. This is all in the CHC Framework. You could quote the relevant reference to show you know the rules!
The situation is desperate for us
Even if they did train me no agency seems to enter into a package where they will work alongside a family member due to health and safety and I do get that.
Feel very upset as spoken to several local agencies in our area all full and there is a massive list . One agency said only able to offer 17 minute visits for those they work with.

I am being realistic ,feel so sad and genuinely hopeless.
Going to push hard for NHS Continuing Healthcare in the Hope that this would get him home .
You and your husband need a long term relationship with staff who will support both of you.

As I said before, I'm sure this would suit someone like a qualified nurse with children. This would mean that she would already know about your husbands conflicting health conditions, which ordinary social carers wouldn't have a clue about.

I know it's not what either of you want, but have you investigated nursing homes in your area?
The one my mum went to was like a hotel with nursing staff. They took CHC funded patients.
Your husband should have the care he needed, his own room, own bathroom, privacy and dignity.
In mum's home there was a relative I bumped into regularly and had a chat with. Her partner was in his 50's, had a catastrophic stroke, too much for her to deal with at home. She visited him every day, for as long as she wanted.
Just a quick thought. Most care agencies advertise that they can provide a full care package, even when they are struggling with recruitment. Most that I have come across over the last 30-odd years don't advertise it, but will work alongside a family carer where there is a two carer situation: it's often happened especially when the training/knowledge required is very specific.
This might be a bit of a long shot but have you considered a live in carer? If you arranged it yourself or even through introduction agencies you can specify that you need them to work with the family. Obviously it costs, but usually not more than a nursing home, especially as you are in the house anyway so have all the bills already. If the SW can push through with CHC then it could be even better of course. As he's in respite care rather than a 'normal' hospital they should do the assessment as he's not considered acute (unless there are things affecting his care currently that might mean he would be in hospital anyway). You can ask the discharge unit to arrange it - well not ask, demand now. I really hoped for a good update when I popped in so I'm sad that things don't seem to have moved on as yet.
Thanks Charles for posting
He has deteriorated and can not use the pulpit to do few steps anymore.
I spoke to senior nurse who confirmed they discussed husband and know I have requested training to use hoist and other things. So await call from trainer.
I definitely will ask SW about the continuing health care criteria and ask him if a thorough assessment took place as from what he said I may have got this confused though he said he had spoken and shared details with the person who deals with Continuing health care and she said he wouldn’t be eligible .however since then he has deteriorated.
We live in a rural area and are what is seen as isolated but someone may want to be a live in carer here possibly. I will speak to husband . I will also speak to SW when he returns from leave about finances. Not my preferred option but the way things are can’t do nothing. Husband is adamant and I agree he doesn’t want to go in residential home.
He has very poor health generally so want him home for what he has left.

I do feel in limbo he’s been in hospital and rehab hospital 9 months . I gave up working to care for him about 6 years ago and this was a job that I’d done for many years and mostly enjoyed . Anyway doing the training in handling etc will give me a feeling that I’m doing something to get him home
Thanks Bowlingbun
My husband won’t go into a care home or nursing home.
He spent 3 years as a young man in hospital and many months in and out in past 6 years.
He said he’d rather be dead and could stop dialysis to do so.

I am going to have to train and then look at finding someone to work along side me, someone like you said with nursing experience would be really good as he has so many issues, Renal ,stroke, heart condition, chronic bowel issues, and long term disability. But although fed up and getting more and more so he has full mental capacity and is young at heart. I am ten years younger and active so sure with the right person we can work as a team, he needs to be home. We don’t want him in rehab hospital they aren’t doing any rehab aside from with his hand which is minimal as beyond repair.

Thank you so much for your support
It's not up to a nurse to say he will or won't qualify for CHC, it is a formal 2 stage procedure.
First a checklist assessment, then if he passes that, a detailed assessment.
If the checklist has been done, then they should show you a copy, but you should have been involved.
If you wee not involved, no form was completed, then it wasn't done properly.

Until this has been done properly, Social Services should not be involved!
It's all in the CHC Framework.
Have a look at the checklist and do you own assessment, to see if you think he passes that initial test.
Thanks Bowlingbun
Will look at list and also speak to SW clearly not been done .
I have at last been able to speak to Sw discharge team about continuing health care assessment. Been confirmed an initial tick box exercise was done. I told the duty sw that I don’t think this has been done as it should this was in July and since then he has deteriorated.
Husband was in a and e resus Thursday and has had another condition diagnosed and also back on morphine. Dr confirmed the new heart condition he has been diagnosed with is not unusual for dialysis patients.

Duty SW agreed that CHC needs to be relooked at and having another condition needs to be raised at this afternoons multi disciplinary meeting.

I have read all the links suggested on forum and to me it is clear he qualifies. I told duty SW this.
Omg they clearly don’t want to ‘award’ this.

So he’s deteriorated, they need to act and sort CHC
Thanks for reading