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This is the reality for patients - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

This is the reality for patients

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Having worked in the office of a very remote hospital, 1,000 miles from anywhere, I often wonder if the NHS is wrong to place so much emphasis on training all nurses to degree level? Basic patient care doesn't need a degree, but kindness and compassion.

We had the equivalent of State Registered Nurses in white uniforms, all called "Sister". Those with 2 years training were "Nursing Aides" in pink uniforms, and the Nursing Assistants with basic training wore yellow uniforms. It worked very well.
(Seriously ill patients were flown to Perth for treatment, free, either by scheduled service or RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service).
Well done to you Ruth, you are doing everything you can do improve the situation for your husband (and thousands like him.)

I agree BB. I have been in and out of hospital for various ops over the years. The role of nurses has changed and narrowed. Whereas they were involved in the holistic care of the patient; now they only seem to administer meds and change dressings (orthopaedic wards.) There is often only one or two nurses on the whole ward and very few health care assistants. In the past, there were more nurses. The state enrolled nurses and the state registered nurses. They got to know the patients as people, this improved the quality of care and I'm sure gave them more job satisfaction.

Good luck.
Had emails and telephone calls from health minister team they have progressed my concerns and have contacted director of nursing for our board
I feel relieved that my concerns have been acted on have to say somewhat surprised.
Was told examples of what they are trying to do to recruit staff.
Feel listened to and have offered to meet those in charge once my husband leaves where he is
I really want to make things better for others.
At this time haven’t shared details as my husband would be against that
Thanks everyone for encouragement
Ps when I visited yesterday management were in covering for lack of staff !
Oh Ruth,

Power to you. They need people like you to contact them and make them accountable. Keep us updated.

Any news on plans to discharge your husband?

Well done.
It may take some time, but it certainly sounds like things are moving in the right direction.
I'm a great believer in trying to change things and make it easier for those that follow.
Just been to visit there seem to be lots of senior staff around which I’m relieved about,
Thanks everybody for all your support.
Yes I’ve always been a fighter and seem to do this now a carer. I can’t sit back when it’s unsafe for people .

Builders currently doing wet room and will do ramps inside house, Social Worker has referred husband for care package 2 carers x 4 times a day but on dialysis days x3.
Very apprehensive about having carers but trying to be positive,at least he will be home.
As we all know shortage of paid carers so could be some weeks Sw says ,I hope it’s not 52 weeks. He’s been in hospital nearly 8 months now ,not going to change in terms of mobility so should be home.

We know all the staff now ,think it’s going to be quite a shock for him when he comes home, when he was a young man he spent 3 years in hospital he is very resilient, this was to do with a hospital infection which left him disabled . We have a long history of hospitals ! I’m very vigilant obviously .

Everyone ,again thanks for reading helps to know not alone

It sounds like senior staff are monitoring ward practises - good, they should be. Ultimately they are accountable.

Have the builders said when the work will be finished?

Having carer workers is intrusive, but since this caring situation is sadly long term - you will need the help. Make sure the care plan is detailed and thorough.

It will take your husband time to adjust to being home after being institutionalised for months, however, you'll both get there.

The builders are coming Wednesday to lay floor and have ordered the panels. There will be a wait for special toilet that washes and drys. So hopefully done in about 2 weeks. They are all really cheerful guys and very tidy.

But ... Social Worker popped into see husband today to ask him if he’d like to go to a care home, I had told Social Worker that he really wouldn’t like to. Husband said he knows he’s bed blocking but was told not to worry as he’s still having physio so they won’t move him. Relief to have this confirmed.
I’m feeling weary now and worried as where we are possibly like everywhere else there is a huge shortage of paid carers . We live in a part of Wales where tourism is huge so people are preferring to work in those jobs. It’s dire and I have no idea when a care package will be found.
He’s on dialysis as was my wonderful father and I know the challenges and I want him home for the time he has .
He can’t come home without carers so it a horrible waiting situation with no way of knowing when.
Feel bit worn down by it all. Thankfully he only 3 miles away so easy to visit!
Ruth I salute you!