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This can't just be my experience. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

This can't just be my experience.

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Hiya Cloudygirl and Londonbound,
I think Londonbound is right, The council just think of costs and if it's going to cost more than they wish to pay regardless of needs, they will just ignore. However, they also take it one step further and often reduce the costs even further. It is a deliberate action. They have no real excuse to do this to my son as he is on 117 aftercare and it is both them and health who are supposed to be involved in reviewing, but they do it separately.
He has got a multi-agency 'team' but they aren't active or even wishing to be. Year after year, nothing changes even with 'new' teams, in place. It is awful especially when there's problems with his medication. I was reading the leaflet for his epilepsy medication and it states can cause pancreatic problems. 15 years later at the age of 33 at the time, he's diagnosed with diabetes. He's 11 stone 2.
Thanks for the link Londonbound.
Keep persisting and you will get through to them. It could be because of the quarantine. If not then still persist because i am sure there is a good reason for the the weak timely replies.
My son has had so many new social workers, I pleaded with the latest one to read his file, she told me she "didn't have time". I believe the council's computerised records are largely to blame for my son's difficulties in having the opportunity to do various things. In the days of paper files you could flick through, make notes, use a highlighter pen etc etc. I've just worked out that it was 5 or even 6 years ago that he had an assessment to be a volunteer at a local miniature steam railway, they said he was the best engine polisher they'd ever had. No surprise to us, he has been polishing our engines since he could walk! I just can't get Social Services all female staff to understand how much he wants to do this.