Thinking of giving up paid care work

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I'm thinking of giving up the very part time paid care work. I only work 2 or 3 hours in the mornings and a 2 or 3 half hours in the evenings at weekends but often have to get up at 5.30 for a 7.00 start and then do the late shift finishing work at 10.00 PM. Meanwhile I'm paying for Dad's carers at premium rate for weekend work which is costing more than I'm earning quite often. Dad is still calling sometimes in the night and so I'm having to rush around doing care work for other people and using match sticks to prop my eyes open, then I'm flaked out on Monday.
I'm fairly sure that I would be able to return to the job at a later date if I wanted to as they are always recruiting. I can do some voluntary work occasionally and go to carers coffee mornings and outings for a bit of socialising.
Just read this back and realised that for those new to the forum , I should add that I care for my dad full time with his ever increasng needs.
Henrietta, when you say 'I'm paying for Dad's carers'....I DO HOPE you don't mean YOU are paying, but your DAD is paying?!!!!!! (I do know you have severe 'money issues' with him in that he refuses to accept that having you care for him 'for free' is actually 'work' for you!!!)

If that is so, however, and the money is being taken out of your dad's funds (how - as in physicaly how, does he hand it over himself to the carers, does he write out a cheque for them)(I ask because see below) - then the logical thing to do would be to use that same money to PAY YOURSELF for doing the weekend care that he is paying at premium rate for, so that although yes, you've given up your own 'professional' care work as you are clearly wanting to do (and I'm not in the least surprised!), you are simply, so to speak 'swapping jobs' to use that same amount of time on your dad.

The reason why the 'how' he pays is important is that, of course, if you cancel the premium rate careworkers for him, and do what they do yourself, he might blithely think that that then is 'free' (because you're his daughter.....)

BUT, if you are administering the payments for the professional care workers coming in while you are out working yourself, then you can simply swap the payment for yourself instead! If you dad kicks off, you could tell him that you are not charging the 'premium' rate so he is quids in!

However, if he has control over his own money and pays the professionals directly, I can see he probably wouldn't think you want paying if you take over for them???
Hi Jenny
Yes I sort out the funding for carers and pay for professional carers from dad's funds. Yes I plan to pay myself instead, several times this last fortnight carers have said to me that Dad would need 4 visits a day if I weren't here and he would- plus the night shift.
Go for it Henrietta !

As you say you can always go back later as good Care Assistants are hard to find and agencies are always advertising for staff. The only thing I would say is to make sure you build in some 'me' time for yourself as you will miss being out of the house and being able to get away from Dad for a few hours !
Henrietta. I think you should go with your instinct to be honest. As long as you get some respite from caring', what ever your decision. Much much deserved respite I add.
Posting the same time as Susieq, much the same thoughts!
There you are then ! We all vote in favour of you paying yourself and having a bit more free time scheduled in for yourself! Go for it! :)
Have to agree with the comments. You sound exhausted and trying to manage a team of carers and work is maybe becoming less viable as your father's needs increase. But please do not let it become totally a 24/7 job.

You seem to be very sensible in having thought of ways of dealing with the potential isolation and keeping in contacts with colleagues is a great idea.

Wishing you all the very best.
Thanks everyone for all your supportive opinions. It will certainly give me more hours in the week- which I will try to use to my advantage.
Good for you, Henrietta.

Hi Henrietta
In your circumstance I think your decision is right. We only warn most people not to give up work because of the difficulties returning, but as a professional Care Worker it should be easier for you, especially if you are paid, Dad in effect becomes a direct employer.

Just remember to try and have some time off and respite when you can