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Thinking about suicide - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Thinking about suicide

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Welcome London,
Suicide is a mental state just as depression is. My thoughts are with you at this struggling time and I understand how you must feel.
We carers are the underpaid babysitters the Government don't want to know about. The old saying out of sight, out of mind. They would rather give millions to overseas aid than care for the people in their own country.
I do an internal scream regularly nearly every day. I have been caring for my mother for 3 years without help and have been amazed at how our so called friends have disappeared into the unknown when I mentioned that I wouldn't mind a bit of respite for an hour or so - voom gone faster than lightning.
I can laugh about it now but at the time I was disgusted that our friendship was only based on what I could do for them.
However I recently came out of my depression and suicidal thoughts because I realised that I was on my own and that I won't get any help persay and am just cracking on with it.
If you have the strength of mind to be dogged with your GP and your local MP, get them to come and see what you have to cope with on a day to day basis, if you want action then it is up to you to make it happen. What I am saying is that it is a state of mind and you are allowed to be depressed and have bad thoughts but you also have the choice to be strong.
Everyone on the site is here for you and thinking about you and supporting you.
Good luck
How are things now

I could of wrote that post I just been dumped by mh team
Londonbound - are you ok?
Thanks for all your replys, I have tried the MP route, but it's basically the government cuts that are causing the problems, and the general lack of help and support for elderly, disabled and vulnerable in the community.

And its us carers that have to take the brunt of it, I have a bit of time and I have to contact the GP, then Social Services, then Mental Health services AND the hospital and on top of that deal with my NHS complaint. And deal with my caree all their problems on top of that.

There is literally no one to help, but even if there is then thats another person to add to the list to contact.

There simply just aren't enough hours in the day to deal with this.

Who should be helping me, as in my previous posts I am just sent around in circles and get nowhere.

If my caree could get a holiday then in turn I could have a holiday to recharge my batterys, an organisation used to do that years ago but I just don't think they exist anymore.

I will be attending a carers assessment next week but what do I say , what rights do i have? no idea.

On top of that I have to attend a meeting next week, I have to prepare for that I just don't have time.
When you have your carers assessment just say what you feel. If it's the lack of freedom/disturbed nights whatever, just tell them. I expect you will find it will all come out anyhow, as you reply to the questions which they will have for you. In my County their questionnaire which is completed says things like

"Does caring affect you
a) A lot
b) not much
c) not at all?
Hello & as so many others have said ''welcome to the forum'' - I can only add my good will to everyone else s & support everyone's else s post all good advice, as is the case on this forum - it's here for us to air our thoughts ideas feelings as you have done. ''Believe in yourself'' as many have also gone are going through this emotional roller coaster called caring. I hope this makes some sense I saw your post some time ago & have meant to ''add my support to so many others to give you strength'' - that's another thing I like about this forum we give each other support & strength 'it's important ''unconditional'' & ''free''. Good luck with all you do as someone has already said contact your M.P I am contacting mine about a separate issue but I have found the service consistently helpful I hope your experience is similar. Don't give up, my beliefs are simply ''we come here to learn'' - maybe learn to get the right help which can take a lifetime but don't give up now it sounds as though ''you have come to far to give up'' - ''somewhere the strength is there'' as someone once said to me when I was possible as low as you - draw on the strength you were born with ''it is there.'' I hope that is of some help god bless take care always remember this site is here for you.