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There is a lovely smell - Carers UK Forum

There is a lovely smell

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eminating from our kitchen.

Chicken in peppercorn sauce for tea tonite, georgous smell thats making me really hungry.

Then I realised I had forgotten to eat today! Image
Image Image
Sounds nice Simon. You must make sure you eat regularly(yes I know should take my own advice). How is your recovery coming along Simon, it's really good to see you and fluffy cat back on here.

Not doing too badly thanks Karen, im back to caring to again now, still having some pretty bad balance issues but will be seeing the nurse at the hospital later this month and my surgeon the month after.

I know I should eat more regularly but the truth is I "forget" regularly to eat, I dont eat much in the day as a rule and never eat breakfast (cant stomach food too early in the day) so my main meal is always in the evening after we put Lotti to bed.
Was it nice, i love the smell of food when i have the slow cooker on, yum.

Karen.."cough"..pot kettle... Image Image, kidding really xx

Simon glad to have you back again x
Tracey it was lovely thank you, im sat here thoroughly stuffed, with a cuppa and my laptop and watching red or black lol
Collette isnt doing too bad today so I have had an easier day.
Thats great to here Simon.
Got the same channel on but not watching it..background noise . x
I'm not great with 'food' in the morning, but I can have juices and smoothies fine. Otherwise I don't function Image
I can't eat first thing either.................but coffee is a different matter Image
Image Image