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St Helens care worker jailed over starving patient death.

A care worker who left a severely disabled woman to starve to death at home has been jailed for gross negligence manslaughter.

Tracey Burrows, of St Helens, lied to bosses about her patient not being at home leading to cancelled care visits.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Julie Cleworth, 43, who had had a stroke, was found dead on 9 February 2017 after four days without food or water.

Burrows, 56, who denied the charge, was sentenced to three years in prison.

Ms Cleworth - described by the prosecution during the trial as "helpless as a baby" - was put in bed by ambulance crews upon release from hospital.

She was completely immobile and reliant on care workers for her basic needs, with a care plan requiring two care workers to visit her five times a day.

Later that evening, on seeing Ms Cleworth's house in darkness, Burrows did not get out of her car to check on her.

However Burrows, of Sherdley Park Drive, told her employers Unite Healthcare she had looked in every room of the house for her, the court heard.

Subsequently, the firm cancelled care visits.

" Helpless in bed "

A post-mortem examination revealed Ms Cleworth had developed ketoacidosis, a condition in which toxins build up in the blood stream as a result of starvation.

In sentencing, Judge Neil Flewitt QC said: "Your neglect of Julie Cleworth set in motion an unbroken sequence of events which led directly to her death."

He added Burrows "neither intended nor actually foresaw the consequences" of her actions

"One can only image the terror which must have overcome Julie Cleworth as she lay helpless in bed, realising that she had been abandoned and left to starve to death."

Following the nine-day trial, Ms Cleworth's mother Hilary Kenny said: "I've got justice for her."

Det Insp Craig Turner of Merseyside Police said Burrows was "in a position of trust" and "has abused this trust".

"Although this is a really awful series of events, I hope this sentencing brings some closure to Ms Cleworth's family."
A little bit of justice then. Thanks for posting the outcome Chris.
Your welcome.

Until the next Miss Cleworth ?
Muckamore Abbey Hospital already stepped into the lime light with 1500 alleged offences caught on tape, all from a single ward...
Yep ... posted earlier today : ... 5?start=30

Muckamore Abbey : CCTV reveals 1,500 crimes at hospital.

CCTV footage has revealed 1,500 crimes on one ward of Muckamore Abbey Hospital, the police officer leading the investigation has said.
I'm in 2 minds about a sentence was just 3 years
The charge was gross negligence manslaughter, so no intention or foresight of consequences so is it too light or too strong?
She will serve probably only a third...