The Worst Of Caring Support In 2019 ? Look No Further. When It Goes Horribly Wrong , There Will Be Victims !

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Housebound woman, 43, who was " Completely immobile " starved to death in her home after " Corner cutting " care worker " Went to visit her own mother instead of checking on her. "

Care worker Tracy Burrows allegedly did not check on disabled Julie Cleworth.

She then " Lied " to her boss that the immobile woman had not been home.

Boss then assumed that the victim was back in hospital due to the circumstances.

Stroke victim Miss Cleworth's care package was stopped and she starved to death.

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Trouble is ... how many more potential Miss Cleworths are there at risk ???
That doesnt seem like corner cutting to me. More like intentional neglect.
Yep ... said article does contain the word MANSLAUGHTER.

56-year-old Burrows, of Sherdley Park Drive, St Helens, Merseyside is on trial denying manslaughter and an alternative charge of wilful neglect.

At least the Daily Chuckle have seen sense by not allowing comments.

( Hanging , drawing and quartering is now a few centuries out of date ? )
Hard to believe that someone completely immobile and with no friends or relatives available would have been discharged home and not to a care home...
Welcome to the TRUE " State of Caring " in 2019 ???

It has NOTHING to do with " Care " ... it's EVERYTHING to do about saving monies ( LAs ) ...
and maximising profits ( Care agencies ).
This could easily happen in my area, a lack of co ordination and communication, carers visiting carees homes who are in hospital but no one has informed the care agency.
The hospital discharging carees but not informing the care agency, next day no carer calls.

In the good old days there were wardens calling every day on elderly and vulnerable people, wardens have been cut as people have mobiles now.

Surely the lady should have had an emergency pendent in case of emergency, what if there was a fire.

This isn't just the care company, there should have been emergency plans by Social Services someone stuck in the house 24 hours a day, there should have been safeguarding in place.
The expectation these days is that the carers check in with the agency upon arrival and departure. One agency we had had an electronic tag on the careplan file, kept in the house, that the carer need to scan on their phone to prove they were in the room with mum. Others used mum's landline phone. The agency needs to know if the carers have visited or not.

Having said that, one agency was completely unaware that the carer had missed two consecutive care visits that would have left my mum in an armchair overnight til lunchtime had I not been there. The manager then blamed me for not calling her sooner. Frankly, I was testing to see how long before anyone showed up. If I had gone out for a night on the town (fat chance!). Mum would have been out of luck.
Rosemary_1706 wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:57 am
Hard to believe that someone completely immobile and with no friends or relatives available would have been discharged home and not to a care home...
Well honestly its really not that hard to. It goes on. And this sort of negligence hand in hand with it.

That is not to imply in any way shape or form that I agree with it, I don't at all.. and I am utterly horrified not just how the lady passed away but the manner of which they did through starvation/thirst alone and stuck in their bed.

If they are found guilty in court I hope the Judge throws the book at them.. they need to set an example otherwise this is sending out a very dangerous message to a care system which already has a mounting reputation for institutionalised negligence. This was a categorical failure of the safety net which is supposed to protect vulnerable people like the deceased, on multiple levels.
Agreed, Honey Badger.
A care worker who left a severely disabled woman to starve to death at home has been convicted of gross negligence manslaughter.

Tracy Burrows, 56, of St Helens, lied about her patient being at home, leading to cancelled care visits.

After four days without food or water, Julie Cleworth, 43, who had had a stroke, was found dead at her Rainhill home on 9 February 2017.

Burrows was warned at Liverpool Crown Court she was likely to be jailed.

She will be sentenced on 21 August following a pre-sentence report.

Starvation toxins

Upon release from hospital on 5 February, Ms Cleworth - described by the prosecution as "helpless as a baby" - was put in bed by ambulance crews.

Later that evening, finding the house in darkness, Burrows did not even get out of her car to check on Ms Cleworth.

But Burrows, of Sherdley Park Drive, told her employers Unite Healthcare that she had looked in every room of the house for her, the court heard.

Because Unite was told Ms Cleworth was not at the property, subsequent care visits were cancelled.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Ms Cleworth had developed ketoacidosis, a condition in which toxins build up in the blood stream as a result of starvation.

After a nine-day trial, the jury unanimously found Burrows guilty of manslaughter through gross negligence.

After the verdict, Ms Cleworth's mother Hilary Kenny said: "I've got justice for her."