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The value of local support groups to Carers? - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

The value of local support groups to Carers?

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The posts going on here between Norman and Tony need to stop now. They are not relevelent to the topic and they are getting personal and creating an unpleasant atmosphere.

I would also reiterate that the Private Message system should not be abused to carry on arguments. If anyone is getting mail that they think is bullying or offensive they should report it to Myself, Christine or Gavin. The Private Message facility can be withdrawn from individuals if they abuse it.

Dear Matt: Thankyou for your words, i came to this forum because i thought that i might learn something, well i have, and most of the things that i have learnt have confirmed what i have always thought, but never mind that for the moment.
I totally agree that personal attacks should not come into this forum or any other, but i was not the one who originally started the personal attacks, it was norman.
Being basically acused of killing my mother by my smoking was such a low thing, i had never insulted normans wife or his ability to care for her, but he thinks it is alright to insult me in this way, i dont see you matt, saying anything about that personal insult, only that personal insults should stop.
Why do you not condem the originator of that foul and terrible suggestion that i killed my mother, or is that too much to ask, i bet it is. I will say it now , i think that norman does not like anyone who has less education than him or that sees all the rules and regulations that he keeps on refering to as not relevent, well i am sorry to breath the same air as him, and yes i am annoyed, in the beggining i thought norman was an upright sort of guy, but now i have no respect for him whatsoever after him insulting myself and my mother in that way.
If you choose to ban me from this site then you need to ban norman aswell, but i will just stay on this site as i do think i should let some bully frighten me off.

Best wishes tony. Image Image Image

I respectfully asked that this stop now, this is getting out of proportion and out of hand. I am not going to ban you, but I am asking you again that this stops now.

This thread has come away from the orignal purpose and so I am locking the thread.

Matt Hill
Carers UK
63 posts