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The ultimate getaway

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I don't drive so i am somewhat limited in where i can live, a first choice would be the Highlands, to rent in somewhere no so secluded but much better than where i am, any ideas ?
Depends if you like Haggis really. Good research - at all times of the year - into the local culture, cuisine, wildlife, is wise.
How would you cope when on the only decent day of the summer, you invite all your friends around for a roadkill venison BBQ and then ten zillion midges decide to invite themselves too?
Or locked into a four month deep freeze like the Aviemore residents, who were still ski-ing on Midsummers Day?
Still, I compromise, and live exactly on the edge of the Highlands, so I can get there anytime and be back home in time for tea!

I think one of the nicest places to live in Scotland would be around Perth, good climate, lovely people.
We were in Glasgow last month and visited the Western Highlands I could definitely live there Summer time only, winter would be abroad.
Every time I have visited Scotland in recent years we have had good weather but not how I remember it when I lived there as a child Image
My parents live in Perth!
Lots of towns and villages near Nigg.
Spent 16 month working up there and fell in love with the place
id live in stirling area or the east nuck of fife.

can anyone tell me how to go about it
Perthshire is lovely, though I am originally from the Isle of Bute and loved island life.

We are now on the most northerly coast of the scottish mainland, a view of Orkney islands on a clear day and wonderful scenery to the east and west of us.

We have a local forum www.caithness.org and they have a property for rent and sale section as have the local papers the John O`Groat Journal and the Caithness Courier. Local solicitors have property for let/sale namely Georgesons, Drever and Heddle and Young Robertson &Co, all have webpages. Local council and two housing associations share a letting scheme and one application does for them all, and forms can be obtained from Highland Council, Rotterdam Street, Thurso.

We can have all four seasons in one day, and local folks dress in layers all year round, but the natives are friendly and local shops are fine with Inverness city 120 miles away and a nice day out by bus or train.

Take care
Myra My in laws live in the East Neuk of Fife - in Crail in fact. Too quiet for me I'm afraid.

Thanks for the link Meg,

My other half wants to move to the Orkney’s and I want to go to Pembrokeshire just so beautiful.