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learning disability and medication

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My son had a seizure in August, his hospital discharge notes state clearly that the consultant felt it was caused by recent medication and advised that it was withdrawn. He is currently at a respite service
Last week we received an email from a learning disability nurse who together with his GP had decided that it was appropriate to prescribe him one of the very drugs that we had been told caused the seizure. Fortunately the respite service he was in refused to give it to him until they had spoken to us.
We had a meeting with with the LD nurse and a psychiatrist (who has never met my son) to "explain" how seizures can be caused by a number of causes etc. Worryingly they didnt even have a copy of our lads hospital discharge notes.
The care home asked why it was felt necessary for him to have medication and they were unable to give a concrete answer.
We have received minutes from the meeting and there is no mention of the medication discussion. We have no objection to medication (but it seems blindingly obvious not to prescribe something that could have led to a seizure) but feel very uneasy about how all of this has unfolded.
Daisy, too often meds are used to control those with LD/autism as it's quicker and easier than identifying triggers and getting the environment, day to day arrangements and support right. Good that the respite care home showed common sense. Is your son still there and settled?

Hi Daisy,

Was thinking about you and your son. Is he living permanently at the respite place? Is it working out?

Hello, thanks for asking.
He is now living at the respite place and I am hoping the new place will have a few more ideas about coping with his challenging episodes. He is home with us at the moment for a visit.
I still find the lack of proper care and help from the Health and Social Care team very disappointing. I have been following the mydaftlife blog about the sad death of a young man in the "care' of Southern Health (also our Healthboard) so very, very sad.
Hi Daisy,
Thanks for the update.

I'm glad your son is living at the respite place as they did seem to have common sense and the wherewithall to question medication etc

Has he been more settled at this place?

Hope his visit home runs smoothly.