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The stress that comes from lying

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Lets see Jenny lol

Amy is evil Traceys daughter and Steve McDonald is her father, but Tracey isnt Ken Barlows biological Dad as Ray Langton was, Peter is the son of Ken and Valerie Barlow she was killed as she dried her hair...electrocuted.
Fizzes daughter is the daughter of John Stape who was freak and shes living with Tyrone who has baby Ruby to nasty Natalie who is due out of prison soon
Kylie Platts little boy isnt Davids but the baby is his but it nearly wasnt it could have been his brother Nicks
Little Simon is the son of Peter Barlow and a florist woman he had a one night stand with then later married but she died and he got with Leanne and Simon loves Leanne and calls her Mum and he lived with Leanne when they split and then he went to Peter and Carla when Nick had his accident and personality transplant.

And to cap it all Jason off Corrie and Adam off Emmerdale are brothers!
Oh my grief! I knew it was complicated, but that is just bonkers, Nilla!

The character I remember from a while back that I really liked was, I think, called Becky. She was a 'bit of rough' but she was tough enough to take on Evil Tracey, which I enjoyed.

It was really great to see the actress turn up as the showgirl-turned-countess in Mr Selfridge. Definitely come up in the world! Image

I also smile every time I see the new CEO on Holby City - as he 'should' be doing time for burning down the place with Dev's late wife in it! (and, to boot, the old chief consultant of Casualty seems to be someone very dodgy in Eastender these days...)(though I do draw the line at EE - and luckily, MIl doesn't watch it. Phew.)

Speaking of soaps in general, I do wish someone would launch a 'glitzy-soap' a la Dallas and Dynasty. Not as ghastly as Footballers Wives, but something that had some poshies in it, plus some nouveau riche types, etc etc - a sort of modern day Downton I guess. With lots of haute couture frocks for the female viewers to gawp at, and flash cars for the male viewers! I think it would go down a treat!
Tilly, I would never, ever dream of taking offence - as I say, you are fighting a battle that can only inspire respect by all of us here, and I wish you all the very, very best with it. Kindest wishes, Jenny.
I'd like to see some glamour, as someone who spends most of her time in jesns and sweatshirt! Mind you, I'm having a lovely time sewing this week. My bedroom is this week definitely a sewing room with a bed in it. I now have four dresses under construction, and two skirts, with the aim of finishing them before my trip to Crete, next month. Reluctantly it's lights out at 1am, I could sew all night if I didn't have to get up next day. Also found some patterned trousers, bye bye navy jeans!!!
There must be something in the air as I have just ordered 2 dresses, the last time I wore one was donkeys years ago!
105 posts