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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
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Can i raise this topic again .... SIX MILLION when we are faced with cuts do we still talk about the six million ??? sure we do have six million, but it`s a big number for the treasury to deal with .. we have 550 -000 carers on the allowance and then we have pensioner carers unpaid and students ... we need to concentrate on those of us who depend on the allowance as our main source of income ......all we ever do is tinker round the edges a bit of this and a bit of that a few pence for six million looks a lot more then £10 a week for those on the allowance.....
£10 ain't enough! Image

Make sure you and the old doll get a free glass when you visit the Queen.

Government spends £17,500 on wine

George, I can't agree.

Once you start setting up one group over another as a priority you end up with factionalism.

All carers have needs and none should be ignored - each has equally important needs, and all of us are different. Carers UK, to my mind, is there for all carers, but what you suggest wouldn't meet their charitable objectives.

Should we change the name to "Some Carers UK?"

I think not, Moriarty.
Also George we don;t go around saying we want £100 pw for ALL six million carers.

The majority of carers will always get through their caring without any help from either benefits or social care systems. This is well understood.

But six million is important because caring IS an issue that affects almost every family in the UK. That is a strong message. Also our charity is constituted to fight for all carers.

But of course we ALWAYS make the case that the impact caring has on your life is directly related to how many hours you provide and the support you get.

As i said before you will have to forget about increases i think there is more chance of losing benefits than getting increases.

Now back to the thread if we divide that's what any government wants.

I would like to think that the carer's that get CA would like us carer's that don't get CA to be included in any future negotiations if not then i for one don't qualify to be on this forum (ie) getting state which i contributed to for nearly 50 years.

My caring is no less essential than anybody else on here it as to be done if you think that i should continue doing and not getting CA so others that do get can get more then this is the wrong forum for me.

I thought the saying was United we stand divided we fall.
Or is it More for some and none for the rest.

the point i am always trying to get over is, the government past and present will always use the six million as a way to look "good" like respite care for all working carers all six million of them big headlines at the time ... but they will also use the six million as reason why they cant help financially , i want all carers to be rewarded, as i said pensioner carers & students, i have nom idea what working carers want from the state at all , in my reply from works and pensions long before the election it said that they "thought " there was about 550-000 carers who receive the carers allowance ... look at the cost for the six million , if carers on the allowance moved onto some kind of out of work benefit they would see a rise of say £10 minimum, thats about 250 million quid per year .... £10 for six million 3 billion quid per year .
in all my replies over the last few months the government always inform me that we have SIX MILLION carers are they trying to say something .
i dont want cares to be seperated but we should have targets set , carers allowance , pensioner cares , students , carers who care for more then one person, respite care- guarantee, short breaks - guarantee, earnings limit, legislation for working carers and plenty more that has slipped my mind-- we should prioritise .....
we are different but even so we can be put in our own little box, working carers / part time working carers . pensioner carers , those on the allowance , why cant we fight for each group individualy as well as fighting for all ...
take pensioner carers i will be better off when i have state pension - which will be one year later now costing me£ 8-000. but pensioners should receive the allowance ..
why do we continue to ask for what we know we will never get , you dont always get what you want , we should only ask for what we think we can get. rant over ....discuss.....
Yes, but we don't think we can get anything and as John has already said will be very lucky to hang on to what we have now.
I also think George, the government know fine and well how many are receiving CA up against those who care but don't receive it, it's a politicians answer to a question you didn't ask.
and let us not forget the £87billion we as carers save them wheres that money gone? so if we are saving them that kind of money shouldnt all carers get a bonus for saving the country all that money instead of being cut to the bone?
bonus the carers XMAS bonus has gone all 10 quid of it ....
82 posts