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Does anyone else want to just walk away and say I'm done? -Carers UK Forum

Does anyone else want to just walk away and say I'm done?

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That's how I feel today.
I want to just not come back.
I've seen all my friends today out having cocktails and shopping and I've been in for the past 12 hours after a horrible Christmas.
I actually want to just walk out and not come back.
Sarah, you CAN make changes, YOU are the one who ultimately controls your own life, your own happiness. It takes courage and determination, but it can be done.

Yes, definitely yes, and on more than one occasion
To me, it's a sign that things are getting too much for me, and its a trigger to put some changes in place before I break.

I am sure I am no where near your breaking point, but I do feel your pain and can see the situation I am putting up with only going to get worse over time.

Is there no one you can turn to? I was promised a carer's assessment by the local social services, which basically was a phone call to ask standard questions on how the care I give my MIL is affecting me personally, emotionally and socially. As I didn't score highly enough, it was deemed I needed no further support at this time, but sounds like you do.
Yes absolutely feel that way. If carers (free) and day centre (not costly although my mum thinks otherwise :roll: ) weren't in place for my mum I'd either walk or restrict caring to providing heating and feeding only.

Sadly have had threaten this and briefly carry it out to get what is in place now.
I felt like that every day I had to look after my MIL. She's now in a home and I have my life back.
That’s exactly how I am feeling today. I am tired, worried sick all the time and feeling so stressed and isolated. It’s been an awful Xmas and I am feeling really low from caring. People say no one makes you be a carer but when its a parent it feels like there is no other choice.
I feel so drained.
I've told my aunt she needs to look after her mother and I need help ...I'm getting carers in now to help.
I'm having so many thoughts about how much better it would be if I just went to sleep and never woke up.
I've told my aunt this but I don't think she believes I'm serious.
My gran doesn't want to be alone at all now.
32 years old now,10 years passed by so fast being a carer.
You are one of the most dedicated and loving carers on here. You have a huge heart and much love to give.
Just now you are exhausted and isolated but this can , and will change.
You mention paid Carers. When they come in do you make sure that you rest or use the time for yourself? They are there to help you by looking after Gran and freeing you up
Do they perhaps need to come in more often?
Don't despair, there are solutions, we just need to find them

Ps I met my husband at 35, married at 36 and had my first at 37. 32 is nothing, you have a life ahead of you xxx