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Carer Holiday Help

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I'm a carer for my elderly Mum and live with her full time. My Mum is able to look after herself during the day as long as she has everything she needs to hand, since she cannot go out on her own or walk very far. In case of emergency we also have an assistance alarm attached to the telephone line.

I would like to go away for a few days and take my young Son on holiday in August, and so we'd like to plan how best to look after my Mum whilst I am away. I did go away last year and one of our neighbours kindly popped in each day just to make sure Mum was OK and had everything she needed. This arrangement worked very well, but unfortunately our neighbour is now unwell herself and unable to help further.

I just wondered, apart from neighbours or relatives, are there any organisations who might be able to help? It's really just a case of someone visiting each day for half an hour, no nursing or medical care is involved, just a friendly face to have a chat and do a bit of local shopping if required.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
Hello Vonsworld and welcome to the forum :)

You could try Crossroads (merged with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers to form The Carers Trust) if there is a branch local to you - see here http://www.carers.org/merger. Age UK also run a 'befriending' service in most areas (dependent on funding).

Alternatively perhaps your local church could help out ? Failing that perhaps your Social Services Adult Services team could give you some advice on where to find temporary local help.
If you are going away in the summer holidays, there might be some members of the St. John's Ambulance who would be happy to help (in my area they have an active junior club). I was also in Guides, and worked for my Duke of Edinburgh's award. Both had to do some element of "social service". Your mum sounds an ideal candidate - it could become a regular thing, different company for mum and it might make things easier for your too.
The WRVS would be worth contacting too. They have a befriending service which could become a regular source of company for your mum too.