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The price of fuel

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I take my wife out in the car a lot for drives in the country as she loves the country side, but the sheer price of fuel is having a major impact on that, I have a Peugoet 106 D £20 used to take it up to half way, now I'm lucky if it takes it up to a quarter, it has had a big effect on going out and about, she gets so upset when I say that we haven't got the fuel to go places, instead have to spend some days sitting around inside Image , hopefully one day it will come down enough so that we can carry on, makes me wonder how these people with big gas guzzlers afford it Image must know something I don't Image Image
I know what you mean, Mark. I had a car that did about 50mpg but the replacement - a much nicer car to drive, unfortunately - is much heavier on fuel at around 35mpg, and the cost of fuel has gone up sharply too. All at a time when our income has reduced somewhat...
There used to be a huge furourer(???) when fuel prices went up, but people seem to accept it at the moment. You know, like when it rose to £1.20 odd a litre (gallon, whatever). Just after it goes up, there is a distinct lack of traffic on the roads for about 2 weeks, then, everything goes back to normal. We don't have public transport round here, hubby can't get onto buses or into the 'community bus and car' which we have locally either. So, without a car, he would be utterly and totally stranded.
So, although we're all using cars and the debate for accessible public transport is up for grabs, some of us have little choice in the matter and as usual, are held over a barrel. Why shouldn't we go out for trips and so on? Why shouldn't we be able to afford to do so? Everyone says 'explore Britain's countryside' don't they, trying to promote the land and discourage people from going abroad so much. Doesn't quite work in practice, does it?
We went down to Brighton to visit relatives last weekend, fair trip admittedly but petrol and a bucket of KFC £70!!! We didn't pay to visit any attractions, just wanted to take the kids to see their cousins.
Also noticed filling up in Kent was considerably dearer than it is here in Norfolk, can that be right?
Yes Vicky, 'fraid so. Fuel in the South-East is some of the most expensive in the country - always has been. High density population, ports to Europe, captive market - we tend to get screwed big time by the fuel companies.
My mum used to go to France for the day to fill up and it STILL worked out a few quid cheaper than to use her local garage - how crazy is that? (and she got some nice cheese on the way home too Image Image )
The most expensive fuel is usually in rural areas - and especially the Scottish Highlands and Islands where it can be 20p more pricey per litre - unfair, because thats where the stuff comes from! A lot of people have argued for reduced duty on petrol in rural areas, because the higher prices of living is encouraging rural depopulation. That partly answers Parsifals point as well: the Barnett formula takes account of the higher costs of delivering services to rural and remote areas. They might seem idyllic places to live when you visit for a holiday, but try getting to your nearest hospital when it can be 120 miles away, or having to drive 45 minutes to the nearest supermarket.
Tongue firmly in cheek thought :

perhaps there's a case here to be made for Blue Badge holders to get a discount on petrol ?

After all the major oil companies are making MASSIVE profits - they could afford it ?

and oh yes, was that a pig I saw flying through the sky just now Image Image Image Image
I heard that the oil companies especially Shell turns over a couple of million pounds every minute, so why is the price so high Image or who much goes into the managers pocket Image Image I'm sure that he can afford to run his "Roller", I agree with the Blue badge idea, should be able to get a discount at a filling station if you flash your blue badge, wonder what the govenment would think of that Image
maybe the duty on fuel should be in direct proportion to the level of need to use a vehicle?

Those in greatest need - rural where public transport pitiful or non existent / disabled unable to use public transport / emergency services volunteers for example - pay little or no duty on fuel so their fuel costs much cheaper.

Those in least need of their own vehicles (and I'm talking about the general population here not just carers) pay the current fuel duty.

Just a thought - especially as from what I can tell the duty raised isn't spent on roads anyway, just duckhouses and expensive London restaurants Image Image
I was afraid the car we got would east fuel with it being a 1.9 but I have been suprised at the mpg we are getting. Petrol is still way too expensive though, I expect food will now go up a lot with the volcano problems