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The plastic bag which was too big - Carers UK Forum

The plastic bag which was too big

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Hi All,

Yesterday, I went to the shops with my nine year old daughter. I say shops, its really letting her go to retailers of her choice! Recently, she has developed a habit of going to New Look and Next. Bascially, I think it is because she likes the plastic bags. Anyway, we have never had a problem with the size or in Next's case the colour of the bag until yesterday. I always buy an item and my girl will sign for a big bag, so after choosing a pair of socks in New Look we proceeded to the till and asked for a big bag. The assistant exclaimed what a big bag for such a small purchase, to which I replied she is autistic. By saying this I thought the assistant would undertand she had some kind of special needs but no she didn't. While I was completing the card transaction the assistant carried on at my daughter about the bag size. Finally, I said its no good saying anything to her because does not undertand what you are saying. At this point my girl was pointing for more bags and I decided to make an exit. But the big bag is safety housed with all the others. Image
How ignorant of the assistant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew - glad she got one. Could have ended in ructions (sp?)

Great excuse for you to treat yourself to something bigger, next time, though!!

Apart from the fact the shop assistant should have known better, surely by wanting a big bag it advertises their store more. If you go elsewhere the little bags always end up in the biggest bag..............don`t they?

When M&S first introduced plastic bags in their foodhall I insisted on turning them inside out before loading up the shopping. I refused to have to pay for a bag which gave them free advertising! Bags became free, now they are charging for them again. Mine are never just thrown out as they are used to wrap smelly rubbish and as bin liners.xx
How much do shop assistants get paid? Minimum wage, plus a bit more if they are lucky, right?
So, what is the average educational level of shop assistants? School leaver, zero to very few qualifications, right?
So - and maybe I need to spell this out very simply - shop assistants are often not very bright. It isnt a career, it is a job. Please dont expect them to have a University Degree in Disability Awareness, if they did, they wouldn't be shop assistants, they would be regional retail chain marketing consultants, on £34- 44k pa, am I right?
Hi Scally,

I am unable to answer your question, its probably beyond my understanding Image Image but thanks for the comments and will remember this next time I go to my job.

All the best from a part time shop worker Image