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The places you have lived.................. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

The places you have lived..................

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born in hayle cornwall

lived in bristol
back to bristol
now in wales 3 differant areas here
Paul can I be nosey and ask how you ended up in Greece, I love to hear how people decide to live abroad
Hi Nilla, both my wife and i love travel, we originaly came to this area to buy a boat, boat needed to much work, so we bought an apartment instead, went home sold the house and moved lock stock and barrel. Stayed in the apartment for 16 months, sold it and bought our present place. Image
i was born in motherwell south lanarkshire
then wishaw south lanarkshire
then allanton shotts south lanarkshire
overtown south lanarkshire
back to allanton
and have lived in livingston west lothian for the last 30years would dearly love to carmathenshire in wales to be beside my other 2 boys and their families but at the momenet it would kill my dad if we moved away from him hes 84 now.
Paul sounds like me shame my Paul isnt the same or we could be abroad now
Paul sounds like me shame my Paul isnt the same or we could be abroad now
Hi Nilla, you never know what the future holds, we just decided there had to be more to life, for Kerry Ann as well as us. do you just survive or live, we decided to live. All our circumstances are differant, we as humans are content with differant things and strive for differant things, there are alot more reasons why we decided to emigrate, mainly health. Wishing you and Paul good luck and best wishes, and like i said, the future is open.
Like Home?.Well,I started-out in the North West of England,Born and grew-up in Lancashire.At 16 I moved to Ireland,Dublin.

I moved to Rotterdam ten years later.

I then lived for three years in Amsterdam.

Then,house-sat for a relative in the USA for nearly 8 months.That was in Detroit.

Then came back to the UK,lived for six years in the Midlands of England,Then,lived in Lanzarote for a year.

Then moved to North Wales.Never quite felt at home.Now,time to move again.
Ok well i was born in the Holmfirth hospital and the first 9 years of life spent living in a railway community in a village called Townhead in South Yorks then we moved to a council house just outside Holmfirth and to a private house about half mile from the council house then i had a house in Birkby Huddersfield then moved to York for 3 years and back to mother and dads and my own flat just outside Huddersfield and then to where we are now also just outside Huddersfield
I find this really interesting, how the locations tell people's stories.

Mine is
Eastwood, Notts

Had several addresses in Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester and London. Lost track of how many times I've moved house! That's the perils of renting.
I was 19 when I first lived/worked abroad, had the traveling bug lol
Otranto Sth Italy
Algeria (north)
Paris/Maison Alfort
Gabon (Libreville)
California/SanDiego/Laguna Beach/Oceanside/Mission Viejo
Point Roberts (USA)
I was born in Brandon, Suffolk
then lived in Malvern, Worcestershire
Middlewich, Cheshire
Wilmslow, Cheshire