The places you have lived..................

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are we not,as has been so often observed,a very diverse lot?.case proven by this thread,i think.
Born just outside Coventry. Stoneleigh, Wawickshire. 21yrs.
Moved to Kenilworth, Warwickshire, 15yrs, then
Teignmouth, Devon, 31yrs ago

Dont time fly when your having fun?
Born and bread in Liverpool I've never been abroad, Always wanted to but my miserable ex partner wouldn't go. I've never been further than the Isle of Wight
born in singapore
new forest
newport south wales
now im livin in fareham, hants
I was born in Wallington, Suurey and have since lived in
Portsmouth, Hants
Arbroath, Angus
Plymouth, Devon,
Lossiemouth, Morayshire
Gosport, Hants,
Thurso and REay in Caithness
Naples, Italy
Various places in Perthshire
South Lanarkshire
and am nowliving in Fareham, Hants

One day I may settle down.
Thats an impressive list - what was your favourite - if you had to choose one?
Without a doubt my favourite would be Naples.
I kinda guessed that, but I wanted to ask anyway. Image
My second favourite would be Reay in Caithness, would you have guessed that?
I love Caithness deeply, but I wouldnt want to over-winter there unless I had a lot of very old malt whisky, a peat fire, a stack of great literature, and a much younger woman to enjoy it with. Image Image
I'm always open to offers... and just to show I'm serious I'll provide the library myself gratis. Image Image Image Image