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holiday ideas for wheelchair user? - Carers UK Forum

holiday ideas for wheelchair user?

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Hi just thinking about maybe taking a holiday this year. My hubby has poor mobility and cant walk far so needs a wheelchair.Was thinking of taking my teenage son with us, but cant decide where to go. Had a bad experience a few years ago when we flew to Spain, as we got separated from rest of family because of transfer from plane to airport because of wheelchair.Hubby cant sit too long and we dont have a car now so wondered if anyone had ideas of reasonably priced break for summer holidays?

Sorry to hear of your horrendous experience with flying. Have you tried Googling Holidays for the Disabled? Or you could ask for advice at your travel agents.

I hope you find something suitable and you can all have a great holiday together - home or abroad.

You could always hire a car, if you are thinking of holidaying in the UK. Some self catering places are designed for people with poor mobility. Have a look at Sykes Cottages for a few ideas. It really depends if you are happy with a change of scenery, or want sun and excitement.
We're in pretty much the same boat, but haven't been away for years.
One thing I was looking at was a coach trip, we have a local company who are quite reasonable and do short stays - 2-3 nights which I thought might be nice for a trial run.
The coaches have extra legroom seats so Hubs can stretch and some of the destinations are less than 2 hours away and accommodate disabled/elderly
Don't know if it will happen but no harm in dreaming Image
We also are looking into ideas for a British holiday this year. Our problem is we need a ceiling hoist and an electric profiling bed and care workers to get son up and washed etc in the morning. Problem is son wants to go to Leicester (there is something there to do with Space I think - one of his interests) but we can't find anywhere. The only place we found looks like a glorified garden hut and is very, very expensive.


I have heard good things about this company - carers and all equipment provided. Not cheap but they do offer some funding:

http://www.vitalise.org.uk/centre_break ... s_brochure

I have to say I do not have personal experience of them but they look pretty good.
Shearings Holidays have a helpline you can ring to make sure the holiday you're looking at fits your circumstances.

Thanks peeps, I will try all of above. Hopefully get something sorted soon Image