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A bit less time. - Carers UK Forum

A bit less time.

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Carers,along with the rest of the citizenship,change the time as British Summer Time starts.But YIPEEEEEEEE.Brighter evenings Image Image Image Image Image Image
Which means even more fun and games trying to get my daughter down to sleep at night as she still thinks its daytime! Image

But yeah cant wait for summer, just hope we get a good one this year as ive got alot of garden work to do.
Don't mention gardening! Please! Image

Went into our garden to retrieve next door neighbour's kids' footballs (5)...and I presume I found Dr. Livingstone...it really is a jungle out there... Image Image
But is this spell of good weather summer?.oh dear.
Simon, if you have any dark bedsheets that you are not in need of,hang them as curtain linings in your daughter's room for the summer months.My eldest used to wake about 4.30am in the summer when he was a toddler. My mother bought some blackout curtain linings for us but they were quite expensive,so dark sheets(or tablecloths) would do the job.
We didn't change the bedroom clock till this morning, so got up at our usual time.I always find Sunday a very long day,so it should be a lot shorter today.
Yeh,longer days,brighter days,Spring is here.Yippee.Trouble is,it builds you up for a lovely Summer which we don`t seem to get,but what the heck,enjoy Spring and hope for Summer,`cos though Autumn and Winter can be lovely in their way,we all love a bright,sunny day. Image Image Image
We use blackout quality curtain liners to cut out the daylight for the summer. They act as good insulation in the winter, too!
I'm a keen needlewoman, I almost always use blackout linings when I make my curtains - I first used them in my son's bedroom when he kept waking up too early and wouldn't go to bed until it was dark. For best effect though, you need to have curtains which are wider and longer than they really need to be - otherwise the light can creep round the edges. In my new bedroom/garage conversion I bought some blackout blinds instead, professionally fitted, but they let in far more light than the linings. Blackout blinds can be bought fairly cheaply from places like B&Q, the quickest and easiest solution.
Audrey, the hour change was okay most of yesterday but last night(when I had forgotten about it),Ben's blood went high unexpectedly.Until you wrote that here, I haven't been able to figure out why.He was 14.5.Thankfully some extra insulin and by this morning he was 4.5!At least now I realise what the problem was, he had had his night time insulin and his evening meal an hour earlier than usual.
with one less hour in that day,i seemed to get far more done.How weird. Image