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The GP and the Carer. - Carers UK Forum

The GP and the Carer.

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How good is your GP re-your carers role?.Helpfull,Not?.
How good is your GP re-your carers role?.Helpfull,Not?.
Hardly ever see my GP, but then, my son is not often sick and neither am I. My son has a learning disability, so to me, the people who count are the educators and enablers, not the healers.

My son is 16 and (as its not a college day) was working today, for pay, at our local print-shop. Work is the best healer of all, because it gives us self-respect, money, workplace banter with colleagues, as well as a few short, hard lessons in reality. I never underestimate the therapeutic value of work.
I've just had to make a complaint about my GP because the practice was ignoring all my letters/prescriptions for my hubby.
They know how bad he is after the stoke- he cannot remember anything short term.
Social Services have given me prmission to speak for hubby as he is severely sight impaired, has reading problems and understanding problems.
How on earth the GP's expect him to deal with his own medication is beyond me!!!!!
My GP surgery is absolutely brilliant. I have never had a problem with them and they are quite happy for me to speak for and about my husband.
How good is your GP re-your carers role?.Helpfull,Not?.
My surgery was absolutely fantastic, GP bent over backwards to try and help make my life as a carer easier.
Our GP practice is too large. They took over another practice and took on too much. Most of the GPs are women who work part time so it's hard to get continuity of care and what's more they seem to give different advice which makes it confusing. Nobody has ever asked me how i cope as a carer. On the other hand they all talk to me about my husband's health and seem to listen to what i say.

We had to get the GP in this morning because my husband's feet are swollen. I'm still not sure that i trust the Doctor's opinion. I've learned over the years that doctors aren't always right and to trust my instinct about things. I will see how my husband is tomorrow and get another opinion if i am still concerned.

Apart from that they are wonderful lol Image
They have been no help recently to me,as a Carer.
Until a few years ago, we had a GP with a disabled daughter. He was lovely,very kind.The trouble is, everyone thought so,and he was always much in demand.He would try to find ways to help and support my caring role, and never had a problem coming to the house instead of my family going down there.(I never abused that, it was only ever needed occasionally.)
Like Belle's, our surgery has amalgamated with others,and it is a nightmare. I don't go down for myself. It is not worth it. I tried to get a specific time in for Ben to attend a review appointment, and they could only give me a mealtime appointment. Refused any other, even though that made it difficult for his diabetes needs.
I am still sad by the lack of care/interest, when Rhys died. Drs are not there to care anymore.
Our GP is hopeless - both with issues re carers and issues re my disabled son and my disabled self. When I told him I was a carer he said "and what do you expect me to do about it?"

I tried to give him information about DMD and manifesting carriers (as he argued that there was no such thing - try telling my neurologist, cardiologist and respiratory consultants that still what do they know eh?) but he said he didn't have time to look at it as he had too many patients.

I have been laid flat on my back unable to move (after a car parking barrier struck me on the head) and was told Dr doesn't come out for a sore head.

The emergency Dr had come out after I put my back out at the start of the year and gave me a painkilling injection. He told me to get my GP out the next day as there are a lot of things I can't take because of my MD - again I was told Dr doesn't come out for a sore back. I was in tears on the phone trying to explain I was a carer and couldn't move to get to the surgery - but they just were not interested.

I called the GP when my son had a chest infection to get antibiotics. (When someone has DMD antibiotics have to be given at the first sign of a chest infection as a prophylactic measure). The GP gave my son a cough bottle!!!

As a result of waiting to get antibiotics it went right into his chest. Rob had to have the physio out every day, use a nebuliser and use the cough assist machine we borrowed from the hospital. He was a very ill young man. The GP gave us the wrong stuff to put into the nebuliser and it caused Roberts heart to race (not good when he already has a cardiomyothapy).

Still it all scared the wits out of the GP and he was out twice a day every day until we got rid of the chest infection. I now keep antibiotics in the fridge and we decide when Rob needs them and so far any chest infections have not lasted as long as they used to.

Our GP is brillant also everybody that works Image there , they show respect for the job that I do and treat lyn the same , we have never had any problems regarding prescrips or appointments , we also have two nurses who's job is to take care of carers . Image
My reason for starting this thread was not from disatisfaction.My GP is not too bad.I just wondered,in-general,how my fellow carers and those they care for found GPs.