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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
It seems today that after an appointment with a council welfare rights officer the above act does not offer any protection for disabled or fulltime unapid carers.

Once again it seems there is a distinct opt out clause in any goverment legislation passed that our rights as fulltime unpaid carers and disabled people are not taken into account legitamately.

It means that we cannot take them to court or tribunal as there is not marriage of the social security legislation and rights and any human rights.

Why bother then to have rights but then we cannot use them to fight discrimminatory legislation.

I think it is just farsical and a joke by goverment to be to do this and get away with it.

What does Carers uk think of infringement of all fulltime unpaid carers and disabled peoples human rights why caan we not take the goverment to task.
I cannot get heated over this,or very surprised.Its as much as one might expect.
This is going to put many families on the street as they will not be able to pay the short fall in rent and will lead to on mass evictions and homelessness.

where will people who rent privately and are fulltime unpaid carers supposed to do.

kenneth2dundeenow fife

ps thanks for comment maxi
Hi Kenneth, in the general scheme of things we matter not alot to the goverment, you see as far as most normal people are concerned, and i use that phrase loosely, we take money but contribute nothing. We can whinge and whine about the money we save them, but its not real cash, people do not see us handing it over, or paying tax and ni, all they see is what the media tells them we get. And unfortunatly this group is the ones the goverment look after, because they are the biggest group and can keep them in power. Human rights for disabled people and carers, shock and horror, that would mean they have to recognise us, I expect nothing from this or any other goverment, be it con or lab, the lab gov replied to a letter from me by sending a party political leaflet telling me that i matter, and how in 2018 they will lift me from poverty. Thats ok, only 8 more years of nothing. Be honest, did you really expect anything differant, horrible i know, but thats the society we live in.
yes,carers come way way down the list on the governments list that we are virtually off the radar.but this measure will be a disaster.
I worked it out that I could be going to loose over £100 per month in housing benefit Image
I already have to pay £240 towards my private rent here. That takes nearly all my private pension that I struggled so hard to save for. Wheres this new amount coming from I ask? Food/heating/ my car? Will I have to loose out even more?

As a pensioner, my Carers Allowance is classed as "Underlying". As I get State Pension that I paid for all my working life, 'they' think I dont need CA in real terms, ie: money.
This is due to the 'overlapping' rule.

It's a diabolical cheek I think. Other pensioners still get their state pensions and can live life how they want to. Their not tied to the house and their Carees every need.

I'm very worried what this coalitian are going to cut. Not just for myself, but for every Carer out there, saving the NHS £87 billion pounds a year.

Bless us all I say. Lets all stick together on here and stuff the government. Why do they have to try and save so much money in the next five years anyway? If labour had got back in, they would have done it, but in say ten years. I think I'm regretting being a Lib Dem supporter now? Who knows??
i pay all my rent and council tax as i have a private pension no benefit help at all...
the old doll gets housing benefit and council tax benefit in full she pays nothing for her half of our rent / council tax ...
but what happens in the future she has state pension of just £34 per week all of her war related pensions are disregarded .. will she stll get "full" housing benefit ??????

our rent...her half is £160 per month , i thought the benefit cap was for those who had high private rents, something like £400 per week, if so how is it the poorest renters are being punished ..
Does this capping apply to council tenants
Does this capping apply to council tenants
Hi Nilla, it is supposed to apply to private renters only, not to council tenants, it is supposed to stop the don't work live on benifits and rent a big private house brigade, or at least thats how they described it, so by that at least you can rest assured that the gov is talking out its backside and normal service has resumed in westminster, Image
hi .what about those who live in slightly posher housing assocations flats ,don't you know Image