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direct payments

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hi i am new to this forum i am a carer for my wife who has mental health problems she does recieve direct payments for 3 hrs a week to help her to socialalise what i would like to know could i mabey recieve direct payments for myself as i have now finished work due to health problems and recieve incapacity benifit not carers allowance thanks
Hi Carpman,

Please take a look at this link

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Hel ... PaymentsQA

The money can't usually be used to employ a spouse, partner or a close relative who lives in the same household as the disabled person. However they can employ close relatives who live elsewhere.


If you have any queries regarding benefits etc think about contacting Carersline who can check that you are getting what you are entitled too.

CarersLine is staffed by experts and has years of experience of dealing with the problems carers face. We provide free and confidential information and advice on:

benefits and tax credits
carers employment rights
carers assessments
the services available for carers, and how to complain effectively and challenge decisions.

Our freephone number is 0808 808 7777 and we are open on Wednesday and Thursday 10am -12pm and 2pm - 4pm

Hope this of some use to you.


Hi, do you mean you would like to be paid the DP yourself for providing care or do you mean you would maybe like to apply for DP to pay for some extra care you need yourself? Image

Discussing Direct Payments is a bit complicated I find, as it can be interpreted in so many ways - or is it just me! Image

Rosemary is right on the first count but if it's info on the second point, you need to speak to social services for an assessment of your own needs!

I hope this is helpful!

marie x
I am under the impression that direct payments will soon change to an individual budget, and everyone thats entitled to it, will be assessed on a points system, and in this case points make prizes, as the more points you get the larger your individuel budget is, and then you decide what you want to do with it,and there seems to be a lot of scope, and if your plan is accepted you are given the money in full to use as per your plan.If you run out of money you won't get anymore, but some people I'm told has bought a caravan for the person to go on holidays with their carers, and of course that would be there year after year, so once bought there is no problem getting respite.
I'm still out on this because I think the problem will be to get carers, my husband needs two carers(except if it's me taking care of him, then it's only me] but 24 hours a day, so he needs six carers at least so it would have to be a rather large budget to finance that.
Also what about sick pay or maternity leave, particlaly the latter, who can afford to pay one carer maternity pay and then employ someone else till she comes back? Mary
We have a DP and haven't been told anything about it changing to an I.B. Image
In fact here in Scotland it seems to be the reverse - they're still trying actively to get people to move to DP! Image

Anyone else in Scotland been told they're moving over to I.B.?

Anyway, what's the main differences between the two?

marie x
Hi Marie, I'm not sure if this is the same in Scotland as sometimes things like this do vary, and I may be cynicle but I think this is the government just passing the book, as we would become the employers and all that entales ,but lets be honest, how many of us has the time or inclanation to do all this, I know from experience with D/P's that staff would be a problem let alone sickness benifit's and the like.It might look good when they are offering say £20,000 for the year but if you can't get staff or staff become difficult we'll need to be solicitors.
Most of us are carers and not from choice I might add, not accountants, and we'd so much prefer that both us and our carees didn't need these services at all, and at the moment our number hasn't come up as yet for the changes, but when it does I'll want a bit more convincing that this is a good move.
Here in East Anglia, in the county in which we live, from the start of this financial year all new social services clients are to be offered IBs.

This site explains a lot about DPs and IB's which may be of use to some members here.
They also provide an online discussion Forum so people can discuss issues that they need help and advice on with other people that have had similar experiences.
The forums are for discussion related to independent living, direct payments and individual budgets.

http://forum.ncil.org.uk/bb/login.asp?t ... efault.asp

I don't want to change anything about our Direct Payment.
We got what we asked for and it works beautifully!

As for becoming the employer, that's true, we also needed to take out insurance for our P.A. too but everything is done by an agency in Glasgow.
We email them and say pleae pay insurance to this company and they do everything.

Our payroll is done the same way, each month they BACS the payment straight to the P.A.'s account and send us a payslip to give her and that's it!

It's totally hassle free and that is exactly what we wanted! Image

My God a service that works!!!! Image

Whatever next! Image

marie x