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Ive just been told by my doctor that iam not fit enough to look after the old doll he said if i was "employed " he would not hesitate and put me on the "sick" over the last 3 weeks ive had some kind of virus and just cant get rid of it also ive got lower back problem and as iam overweight that aint helping doctor has said i need total rest for a good few weeks .
ive got to go into hospital for tests which ive been told will take all morning who looks after the old doll in past she would come with me as she did just a few weeks ago when at dentist.
will her care be free i know this answer.

QUESTION - can i go on sick if i was on sick will social services provide full time care for the old doll (will i get more cash on sick )

Morning George,

Your situation happens to so many of us so no doubt several members here will relate to your problem.Getting cover when we have an appointment for ourselves is sometimes nigh on impossible.

As to the long term help I am not sure which way you can go as you have said before that mam does not want strangers coming in plus shes means tested so that bumps the cost up.Ordinarily I would suggest contacting Soc Services but I am sure you have said before, that is a no go.

In the short term re: your hospital appt,can your Becky help out just that once?I know she has Grace but if only a few hours it might work.Also,as long as I dont have a meeting for Robert just give me a holler with the date and I will come through that morning.My only charge would be listening to your mam talk about Stan Image

What about the Veterans group mam belongs to.Do they offer any service to help?

Try not to worry,
x x

IAM just being awkward i can manage but should not have to old doll is happy to sit at hospital and wait any way can use her blue badge for my parking naughty boy

but iam sure many others will have same problem what about going on the sick can we do it?????

i seem to have a flu bug all the time last few weeks and iam driving to Belgium soon mind you we are stopping off in London to see aunt hope iam fit for the journey .