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Hi there
I shop using tesco on line quite oftenllEverything seemed to be goin ok until about 3-4 weeks ago. I ordred as usual and paid using my debit card and thsy was fine. We then waited the next day for the delivery at the alloted time. nothing.45 minutes later still nothing and then an autometed message from Tesco telling me that my shopping would be late. Well I already knew that, so I rang up thrir support team to find out how late it would be. They told me that the van had broken down but that it was on it's way to me from Epsom. I live 20-25 minutes on the bus from Epsom. An hour later still nothing so I phoned th store, nothing to do with them. Eventually the delivery c ame and we were told that he had dropped and order and that is why he was late, nothing todo with the van!
This week I ordered againand used clubcard points for part of my total. I had checked y bank and had enough money in it to cover the balance. The next day they phoned me and tolod me that the caard had been dec lined When I told telse had this kinf=d of problems with one of the biggect supermarket chains? Take Care Alisonhem that I had paid in clubcard vouchers they said that they had not seen tehm and that I had to have the whole amount of money in my account so that the bank could see how much I had spent at tesco and then just send out the balance. What a load of balony. Eventually wwe got it sorted but then they only reimbursed me part of the value of my vouchers, so I contacted them by email and got a very apologetic e mail back saying that they would crrdit me all of the money.
Has anybody else had problems with them? Take Care Alison Image Image Image
No, but gosh, you like living life close to the edge, dont you? I'm only saying that because I still like to bash around my local butchers, fishmongers, bakers, and greengrocers in person and pay in cash, I see Tescos as part of the Evil Empire that will destroy the Village High Street as we Know it Image Image
We used Tesco and Sainsbury's to buy online a couple of times when we were having car trouble (no decent local shops in easy reach - high student population=cheap stodge and takeaways). The fresh veg and fruit was rubbish. Never again.
I have just had to resort to using Tesco online again as my usual supermarket is not available where we now live, two shops and I have taken my custom elsewhere, it would be good if they could manage to refund payment for goods paid for but not delivered in a reasonable timescale and their site is not very user-friendly especially when it comes to final dates on offers Image . My previous experience of Tesco was of unreliable deliveries, including two days delay because a delivery van had broken down which was the final straw coming shortly after a Christmas shop which was delivered several hours late on Christmas Eve, I do not enjoy putting shopping away at close to midnight, I enjoy it even less when it is almost Christmas Day Image .

I am currently buying basics from ASDA and most of our fresh food from a small local supplier who delivers locally-sourced food, I have never shopped at ASDA before but ASDA has great deals on yoghurts, we have a rapidly diminishing complete shelf of yohurts in the fridge, and their custard- and apple-filled doughnuts are yummy which is just as well as I was disturbed when ordering them and ordered 20 by mistake Image , they had all been eaten by their use-by date Image Image .
Oh boy Parsifal, if I had known you had to consume doughnuts by their sell by date I would have been only to happy to help Image

I've only ordered online twice, it was an okay experience but not one I care to repeat unless absolutely necessary. Morrison's and Waitrose are five minutes from my home and it takes me longer to shop online than it does to go to the store. Plus, I don't believe you get the same prices online from everything, they tend to be more expensive. I also try to by meats when they are reduced because they've reach their sell by dates - and that I definitely cannot do online. (I freeze the meat.)
We cant afford food ... i get the old doll to walk around the table till she is fed up...

Image Image Image Image Image Image
Will stop shopping on line when my leg is operationalr again as another disaster with them Image Help please
I can recommend Waitrose and, strange though it might sound, not only is the quality of the food superior but I found it cheaper than the other suermarkets because the offers are so good, I tend to bulk buy when something we use and which can be stored is on offer.
My eldest swears by ocado online, she says their value products are better than Tesco finest and shes a fussy one! I keep meaning to try them