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Terrified about the country and my future - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Terrified about the country and my future

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true,man just is so good at using weapons. Image
Thanks for all your replies. I've not got a PC at the moment, so have to take my chance on the library PC.
Couple of quick points:
- yes you can claim CA and attend college p/t - lots of people do, but the rules are strict so it is important to check them first: it isnt just college lecture time they count towards the time it takes you away from caring, but also private study time.

- on weapons, sure we are good at using weapons, which is why we are in the fortunate position to keep lions and tigers in zoos or safe conservation zones rather than having them roaming around the planet freely and becoming part of their normal diet. And why we dont speak German.
scally,we don't speak german because it's boring,i fell asleep in german at school and can only remember blackforest gateau(schwartz walder kirsch torten).
I never got as far as learning the German for Black Forest Gateau, but I sure as heck remember the delicious taste. For years, I bought a Marco and Carlo's BFG for my birthday. They just don't make them like they used to!
have you tried the gateaux from lidl with the biscuit base and it's german and delicious,close enough for me!!!!
No I haven't! There's a Lidl down the road from mum, I'll be seeing her over the weekend so I'll pop in and indulge. I need some consolation at the moment, I was planning to go to a show this weekend, and another next weekend, but they've both been cancelled due to waterlogging. We've lit the fire again this evening because it's so chilly.
I just turned on the tv this morning and switched to sky news (freeview no way i pay for sky channels), nothing at all to be happy about in the news. Reform this reform that, prices keep going out, whos killing who and in the world, and that family of 17 kids that got targeted with that fire in there house, killed 5 of there chilldren, the father is on benefits of some kind and been on that TV program called The jeremy kyle show shocking tv, i for one do not watch it. Anyway getting side tracked with all this, just getting to me day in day out depressing me more and more, i need to stop turning into the news, it almost sends you screaming to the doctors to be put on anti depressant tablets. I'm carer for my father hes 75 and still alive and kicking thank god.