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Tell us a Story or your Memories. - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Tell us a Story or your Memories.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Jamaica Rum chocolate still available on the internet.

Just "Google" the name and the options appear.

Happy munching

Take care
Scrumptious Meg, you won't see me on here for a while now - too busy eating chocolate Image Image
thank you Bluebird x

They say Cadbury's still make it so must be available in the shop's somewhere.
Must find some.
Have you tried the oldest sweet shop in the country see on TV once and have looked at on the net.
Just Google old sweet shop it comes up they have all the old favourite Sweet's on there many I have forgotten it's worth a look myself and a friend are going to order some for Christmas.
Googling now meg and John Image Image Image
Soooooo many things to remember
Time to myself is one thing
getting some sleep anyone remember that? LOL

Icecream van coming around, don't see so many of them?
sherbert, you know those crystal ones that turned your tongue the same color
Vegetable man coming around the streets
milkmen........who sold more than milk, I mean Image ornage juice, yoghurts that kind of thing
Friendly people??where are they gone? you say hello and you would think you just held some of them up with a gun Image
Manners on the road, NOT many cars on the road is another thing!
Breaking down on the road and someone stops to give you a tow, a hand, or see what they can do
People who are nice?

Money that goes further than a loaf of bread
And what about some things we are glad to be without:

Smog - oh boy can I remember coming home after school and not being able to find our front door, the smog was thick yellow and your clothes and hair smelt terrible for days after. Not to mention the awful cough it gave you Image

Outside lavvies - dreadful on cold mornings and even worse on dark winter nights - too scary Image And the alternative po under the bed was not much better Image

Doing the laundry in a boiler and using a mangle - took all day Image Thank heavens for automatic washing machines and tumble dryers Image I remember our first spin dryer - what an innovation, only took 1 sheet at a time, but so much easier than the mangle Image

Having to pay the Doctor because there was no National Health Service. I know the NHS is not perfect but unlike my grandparents and parents I don't have to worry about being able to afford the Doctor if I get ill.

We've all seen so many changes in our lifetimes and things are so much easier for us now than it was for our grandparents and parents. Within only two generations the world has changed so much and we have so much to be thankful for.

I wonder what it will be like for our grandchildren and great-grandhildren Image
I had a giggle at the outside lavvies.

My Nan never had an indoor toilet, and she lived until 1985!It was so creepy out the back,and when we were little and stayed there with her, she would stand by the door and talk to us!We three grand daughters all used to fight to stay though, as whoever stayed , slept in the bed with Nan. It was soooooo cosy,flannelette sheets and pillowcases, and of course the inevitable po under the bed!Nan didn't have hot water either, so she would boil kettles in the morning and carry a bowl into her room, so that we could have a wash in there. And when I stayed, it was always boiled egg for breakfast.I can almost see my Nan wrapping my clean vest and knickers round the hot water bottle in the morning to grab whatever heat was left, so that I would not be getting into cold clothes!

We had an outdoor toilet as well as an indoor one. One day,I had an argument with my mother and stormed out to the toilet. I didn't realise that Mum and Dad had removed the handle,ready to paint the door, and I slammed it shut.I soon realised, but my Mum left me there until i cooled off!!