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carers support payment

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where would i be able to get info on the carers support payment only hubby auntie told us its a new thing and to apply for it
Do you mean carers allowance?Try Directgov.com Image Image Image
Hi tracie, it's not the same as carers allowance is it?
I read something about it the other day, I think it's from your local council. Try them or your social worker if you have one.
Suppose welfare rights or someone like that might know.
Please let us know how you get on, I cannot even get direct payments off my council despite doing EVERYTHING for hubby 24/7.
already get carers allowance so its not that i cant even get direct payments either have just looked on my council site and it says its a personal budget which they give you money to pay for support so think this is it not sure
Hi Tracie
Just to let you know that definatley you would need to get in touch with your Local Council Social Work Department.
Apparently you are entitled to a carers grant every two years, depending on your local council though. The amount is up to £350.00. I got one last year, as I care for my mother, and as she was already on the system I was entitled to it.
Below is a link, just to give you an idea what my local council offers. Good Luck, please let me know also how you get on.

... Carers will be eligible to apply every two years for the grant and should contact
their social worker, or call 020 8753 5456 or email Kate.packwood@lbhf.gov.uk. ...
http://www.lbhf.gov.uk/Directory/News_A ... grants.asp - 24k -

Info on Direct Payments below
http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... as-a-carer
ok sent a message to our council see what happens if not i will speak to care centre
I got £500 via my GP for the Carer's Support Payment. (not means tested) It was paid via the Surrey Independent Living Council. From the GP is it for Sitting service/outings, but I could also have gone through my local Carer's Group, in which case it can be used for anything that would make the caring role easier - i.e. driving lessons, new washing machine, short break etc.

I understand it's only been available since last October, and I've been told to 'use it or lose it'. If the available funds are not taken up by carers it could be withdrawn, so come on everyone start claiming Image
so would my local carers centre know about this
Hi Tracie

Yes they certainly should do, so should your GP, but not all of them are clued up about it Image

Good luck Image

It's different in every area - best thing is to find out from your local council.