taking mum on holiday

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can any reader give me advice about taking mum away on holiday?
we like to stay with our old friend in llandudno in september as we do,
but i'm not sure if we are up to the rail travel, it's a 5 hour trip, including an hour at
manchester pic. she has dementia and is frail. we made it last year with
assisted travel (wheelchair, special seat), i've some mental health problems too.
we will be ok when we get there, and we used to live there years ago, we don't
have to go out much, it's just the travel. thankyou.
Hi Phil
Any change of scene is not good as dementia advances and if you found it difficult last year it will probably be 10 times harder this year.
The only suggestion I have is to contact local taxi company and ask what they would charge. Long distance rates are better value than short. It may be too expensive, but worth enquiring
Ask Social Services if there is a voluntary driver scheme in your area?
Has mum had a needs assessment from Social Services, on Attendance Allowance, claimed exemption from Council Tax?
If not, be sure to ask.
thankyou, we use taxis locally, we were quoted £160 from lincolnshire to north wales, each way.