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Take a moment to celebrate! new rights for carers from today - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Take a moment to celebrate! new rights for carers from today

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all i ask,level playing field .a fair crack at it.as a carer who works as well,in theory,at least,i hope that the new legislation might-just give carers some move towards true equal treatment.now maybe i might not hesitate,agonise before deciding if i might put on a job application that im a carer.the kiss of death for many-a-job,i think.given two applicants with,in all other aspects,the carer,being that bit more qualified than his or her non-carer fellow applicant,id hope,now,the carer need not be sidelined.mmm,lets see.
does this come under the same bill whereas people who at work have a joke played on them and have a right to sue? It doesnt havent to happen regular either once is enough to take someone to court!
NOWT will change === carers will be worse off with the new benefit reforms ... many will lose the carers allowance, the disabled will be cured after the new medicals, and set to work god knows where, and the carer- well who cares .. come May 2012 thats it for me , wont need any hand outs - i hope .....
"Aye, and w'ere a' doomed, doomed d'ya hear!" For the sake of the wee man, we get an outstanding success story like this and the usual suspects want to come here and moan as usual as if nothing had changed.
read my lips: it is the biggest single change carers have ever achieved, it is irrevocable, and has massive potential implications.
I think we need to create a "dumpster" thread for folk who cant find anything good to say about anything.
Perhaps we need to also create a rose coloured bespectacled cloud cuckoo thread where everything is wonderful, theres no such thing as 24/7 carers and we can all be on soma like Huxley's Brave New World. Your reality is not the same as everyone's reality and other pessimistic realities are just as valid as your optimistic (somewhat overly optimistic some might say) reality.

The thread is about carers' new rights under the law, not about individuals' perceptions of what will or won't change. The fact is that Sharon Coleman's case caused a real stir and forced the government to change the law to something more explicit. Not before time.

No law is perfect, but Eun - given your qualifications - perhaps you could give us a brief digest of the main thrust of the law as it now stands?
the new law ... we for a start should be paid the same benefits as all others who are unable to work , without the condition of the minimum 35 hours per week , as we are out of work because we care for a disabled person it is discriminatory to ask us the work for our benefit but all others do not have to work at all , as we may be "disabled by association"should we not receive the same disability benefits payments as the disabled do??? and again if we are out of work due to the fact that we care for a disabled person we should be entitled to free prescriptions and optical , dental care ..

i have looked into the new legislation, and can honestly say my position will not change one jot ....but if i was a working carer in paid employment , promontion , time off , come in late go home early work from home .. for 3 years before i started to care fulltime i had all of this and more from my employer... even when they allowed me to take my annual holidays one day at a time which put me on a paid 3.4. day week now and again was of little help, the only thing for many is to either work or care, if you are the only carer thats it end of work or care if you are on your own you cant do both ,

did Sharon Coleman ever return to work ?