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Faking logs

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At 1st I was not going to post this article.For some reason the media seem to latch on to bad news most of the time rather than good.For every example of bad paid carers, there will be many more wherein people do receive a good service.
However,since its in a few newspapers this morning and also the daughter of the lady in question was on GMTV this morning I am posting it for those who have not seen it.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/ ... socialcare
OMG!!! Image For once I am lost for words.

Cheryl x
Obviously there are good and caring care workers.
Those couple of care workers have been caught out,
I'd bet they aren't the only ones pretending to be carers.
Sadly in the Lambeth Area this is not unheard of, this has happened quite alot over the past few years.

Tony Image
Opps sorry rosmary I didn't see this thread I starting one too on this subject I was outrage not just on what these Paid workers did but the fact that they where caller Carers giving us Carers a bad name


P.S Rosemary do you need me to delete my thread??? as you have this one

Hi all I don't post very much on here but did anyone watch GMTV this morning at all

I got mad this morning when I heard to story of the lady who was in the Hospital with a stroke and all the while the *PAID WORKERS* ie they where called Carers came into her home and didn't checked to see if the lady was in bed and filled in the book saying she was staying in bed, and said she had a cup of tea and on one day she even had a chat to one of these workers. this went on for 6 days they never went upstairs to see once in wrote in the book and out again.

1, How unfeeling on them for not going to check this lady that was thier job and then to write lies about what they did while they where there I think they should be charge with reciving money through decption.

2, How dare they be called Carers they just proved they don't care a jot and Carers are many people out there who look after thier loved ones 24/7 many who give up there jobs to do this not that any of them would do anything else but give up there jobs. Calling these Paid workers *Carers* give us hard working unpaid carers a bad name and many of us fight for ours rights and for to get support to help with our careing role.

3, There are many Paid Workers out there who do support us and they also get a bad name because of these lazy few

Thank you for letting me rant


Hi Bernie,

No need to ever apologise for duplicating things,have done it myself so many times too and no doubt will again Image Image Image .

I copied your original posting to this thread and deleted the other one you started.All in the same place now.Hope thats ok with you.

How are you these days?

Thank You Rosemary

I'm O.K I have my good days and bad just like everyone else I guess lol, I just got mad tis morning .......... well I think my post says it

Hope your well yourself

I was able to record it and it is just not on when i was at work we had dozens of forms to fill in just to turn the overhad line power off if we fiddled the forms and you could you would have been shown the door no doubt about it.

it reminded me of a care worker at the care home that STAN used for respite we only used it about 5 times any way the old doll was on holiday with LIZZIE and the rest of the family i was at home to fix up new flat and we thought it would be ok for STAN to use the care home however as i was not that sure about it and knew STAN would be nevous i was to visit him 2/3 times a day i know it sounds stupid but thats what i did .

on the 3rd day i had to wait as STAN was getting his breakfast made sure someone was feeding him and all was ok so i waited in the patients lounge in the corner was this old lady and as the care home was for people with alzheimers she must have had same condition as others anywho at about 09-00 she started to shout NURSE CUP OF TEA this went on non stop for at least 45 minutes it was so upsetting i had to leave the room i told staff what she wants they said she would have to wait till breakfast was over but when the old ladies family came in what a change .
hello Joyce hello David what a lovely day your mothers in the lounge iam just rushing off to get her a second cup of tea as you know she loves her cuppa .

it was incidents like that that made my mind up about STAN no way would he if incapacitated be put in a place like that .

i know some care workers are good in fact at STANS respite care home one male nurse knew us and we made sure he was on duty when we had to use care home if i remember correctly he returned to nursing full time and dumped the care home job.