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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I must admit iam not sure what a care worker can and cant do but the advert on t.v. makes care work look a bit easy .
It shows care worker helping a rather nice old lady getting dressed for a shoping trip to buy a new frock.
Almost like a close freind helping out no more no less and it`s so "REWARDING"

My work as a carer for both parents was not as easy as that obviuosly dont want to go into details but STAN needed quite a lot of personnal care during the last 2 years of his life iam sure you know what iam getting at feeding ,dressing , toileting, he needed help with every thing and i mean every thing .
In the early days i used to say hope i dont have to clean STANS teeth but you get used to it
hope i dont have to help him with the toilet but you get used to it feeding STAN at home was ok but in cafe / restaurant i found it a bit difficult but as ive said you get used to it.
In my opinion advert should show how hard it can be as a carer.
and dont forget the social care worker can go home at the end of their shift 24/7 carers cant.

GEORGE - as ive said not sure if the new social care workers have to do all the dirty jobs or just take them out shopping. Image
Sounds a bit like misrepresentation to me or perhaps shopping is part of the remit in other parts of the country? but round here it's personal care only unless you get direct payments. And that's assuming that you get anything at all Image . Was it a government, local authority or private care company ad, George? I agree that it doesn't represent what many of us do and I know what you mean about teeth, I can cope with anything, bodily fluids the lot, but false teeth make my stomach churn.

Think its government ad but have only seen it once Image

It is a government ad. Like any other ad it has to be taken with a bucket - sorry, that should read pinch - of salt. Image
It all seems very unlike real life to me. I'm not a carer because my mother is in a nursing home but I see what the staff have to do for her and it's a bit more than sharing a joke and reminiscing about having a good day. I'd say it gives an unrealistic impression of the responsibility and sheer hard graft involved. A sort of Carers Lite, if you like.
Just now there seems to be a massive drive for recruitment of all positions within Social care from paid care/personal assistants right through to Senior Soc workers.Yesterday on my alerts I received about 40+ job vacancies.TV also running ads.
Also, there are flyers pushed through letterbox from local care agencies wanting to recruit more staff.

What makes me laugh is there is a system already in place that is working..US.As much as this government want to push DP's and IB's forward the fact remains that giving the right support to family carers will ease the situation dramatically.Start with what is working and build on that.