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Wheelchair cushion/backrest covers

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Has anyone had any experience whilst trying to get replacement wheelchair cushion covers? Hubby needs a new one, which is tearing and also a new backrest cover. The backrest has been specifically designed for him by Bangor Uni about 9 years ago when he got this chair and the cover has never been replaced, but it needs it now. We've only had 2 replacement cushion covers, which we don't think is bad going in all that time. We've not asked for any since moving to Shropshire. The wheelchair people have finally agreed that he needs an 'assessment' to see whether his chair needs replacing too (problems with gears and all that stuff I told you about), so I think they might be a bit loathe to give him new covers. We don't know when his 'assessment' will be, "an appointment will be sent in due course" the letter said. How easy? have others found it to get replacement covers, after all, torn, tatty covers cause pressure sores and marks - don't they?
Does your husband have a recent "Waterlow" assessment? That's used to assess the level of risk of pressure sores. If the score is over 20 (and if he's a wheelchair user I'd be surprised if it isn't) then the risk is considered to be very high - in which case you have a strong argument for new covers. It might be made a part of the assessment for the new wheelchair - so it's important to let them know, especially if his Waterlow is high. It strengthens your case.

If you don't have a recent Waterlow - 6 months or less - then you should ask for a new one as a matter of urgency as his covers are in a poor state of repair and you don't want to add to his level of risk.
Never actually heard of a Waterlow test. I shall ask the wheelchair people. His cushion is a Quadro with air pockets in it, which flows to four different regions of 'bubbles', it's really good we feel, just the cover is getting torn and if we catch it any more with the slider board it'll be worse (or we'll puncture a bubble).
Hi I have 2 wheelchairs a Power one for inside and a Manual for outside both provide by local healthauthority. My local wheelchair suppliers ALAC are very good and would supply new one if requested so just try asking. They may even just post one out to you if you give the dimensions.

If they have to visit first it could take some time - mention your concerns about damaging the cushion itself as obviously it would be a lot more expensive to replace the cushion.

Hope this is of some help if the problem is not already solved?

I am pleased you posted this, as I have often wondered what would
happen if my hubby needed a new cushion, the O.T. supplied everything
through Social Services when our Doctor wrote to them after my husband
was diagnosed with spinal canal stenosis. For the wheelchair he had a 'gel'
cushion and he has a pressure cushion for the home.
Our immediate assessment from start to finish took a fortnight.The wheelchair
took a little longer around a month.
So fingers crossed you manage to have everything sorted pretty quick.
i phoned the wheelchair people in Shrewsbury at the end of last week, to be told that they have a large backlog of people waiting for chairs, cushions, assessments, re-assessments and so on. I explained about the tears in the cushion cover and about it leading to other things, but they weren't interested and kept on about the backlog of clients. Hubby said they will be sued if he ends up with pressure sores, due to a torn, possibly rucked up cushion cover. We used to deal with ALAC in Wrexham when we lived in Wales, but they were just as bad at replacing things, although not quite as bad as the Shropshire wheelchair service. I'll keep on about it, never fear.
Just a thought does your husband have a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist? If so maybe they could contact ALAc on his behalf ? they might get listened to and something done quicker.

Let us know how you get on...pressure sores are not good. I have a hospital bed....adjustable and when I get uncomfy/sore I get on my bed I have a Banana Board to get from chair to bed and transfer sheet which helps me turn myself in bed.Living in a flat it is easy.

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