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Survey reveals old age care worries - Age Concern - Carers UK Forum

Survey reveals old age care worries - Age Concern

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Eight in 10 people are "very concerned" about the quality of care they will receive when they get old, a new survey by Age Concern revealed.

The poll also showed that 40% of people are not even confident they will be treated with dignity or respect when they need assistance, despite a government campaign to address this.

Elderly people currently accessing care have told Age Concern that some carers offer very poor quality support.

Examples include the wrong medicines being given and records of dosage not being kept. Some people have complained that carers were failing to turn up or falling asleep on the job. One carer recorded that an elderly woman was asleep upstairs at home, when she was away in hospital.

Others have reported that carers were failing to meet basic hygiene rules and not wearing gloves when bathing clients.

One in five care homes and home care providers do not meet the minimum standards for residential care set by the Commission for Social Care Inspectorate, according to Age Concern. Around 400,000 older people live in a care homes.

The Government launched its Dignity in Care campaign in November 2006. Its goal was "to eliminate tolerance of indignity in health and social care services".

Age Concern is launching a new campaign - the Big Q - to challenge politicians to take action to improve the standard of care for older people. The Government will launch a public consultation on the issue later this year.

The poll, of 2,006 adults, showed concern about the quality of care increases with age. Seven out of 10 (72%) of 18 to 35-year-olds said they were "very concerned" about the care they or a family member would receive but this rose to 87% of people aged over 75.

Gordon Lishman, director general of Age Concern, said: "People are fed up with fighting to get the care they need in later life, either for themselves or for their loved ones. The care system clearly isn't working, which is why radical reform is urgently needed. The Government urgently needs to set a timetable for change, so that people can be sure they are not being fobbed off."

As ive said over and over again thats why we carers who regard ourselves as 24/7 carers should be paid for the care work we do at home, most of us are happy to work as a carer for our disabled elderly/young relatives but we deserve to be paid for it.
When someone is in a care home what does it cost ? ive been told anything from £350 - £1-200 per week depending on how disabled the person is but even if you say on average £600 per week for full time care the disabled person loses their pension which is what £120 per week therefore the state picks up the balance of £450 per week at least and iam being generous with my sums .
We as carers get £50 per week and if as a carer we do our job properly we save the N.H.S. even more cash as we make sure our disabled frail relatives young and old look after their medication keep them on a good diet and like i do make sure they do some exercise and even help with physiotherapy and what do we get nowt but in the review we will be treated with respect and dignity and the health service staff will listen to us big deal I DONT CARE HOW THEY TREAT ME AS LONG AS THEY GIVE ME THE WAGE FOR THE JOB IAM DOING.

Why is it when ever we need cash for carers or the disabled or elderly we end up with a review or a consultation document yet they hand over 300 billion pounds to banks with out any consultation apart from some fat cat telling little Gordon that we need help, we have been asking for help for years .

Channel4 tonight

http://www.channel4.com/news/arti...+fi ... d+/2096747

Middle of the page is a link to watch the report again.

The findings of an Age Concern survey highlight low standards at a fifth of care homes and home care providers.

Eighty per cent of people are "very concerned" about the quality of care they'll receive when they're old, with 40 per cent doubting they'll be treated with dignity and respect.

The report's publication coincided with the release of Lord Sutherland's review of free personal care in Scotland. This has identified a £40m funding gap and criticised London's actions since the policy was introduced.

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[b]http://www.channel4.com/health/microsit ... cares.html[/b]
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