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Mum has been with the same care agency for nearly 11 months now. She can't walk and needs a stand aid to put her onto the commode. She pays for four double calls a day, 2 carers to spend 30 minutes a day with her. As Mum is self funding she pays around £2400 a month.
I've noticed recently when I've been around the carers literally give poor Mum two minutes on the commode.

Mum pays for four 30 minute double up calls. I set up a camera today and the morning call lasted 11 minutes, the lunchtime call 8 minutes and the tea time call 14 minutes...I have phoned and complained.

I was reassured Mum would get 10 minutes on the commode, but tonight it was the usual 3 minutes and out.

I guess I just have to keep complaining until they listen??
You are paying for 30 minutes and you should get 30 minutes, so yes complain, start writing down times and dates keep a diary.
So the care agency cannot say it was a one off.

They should not be rushing your mum on the toilet, it is not fair and not dignity.

The care system is so bad carers are having to dash from one client to another, often too many clients and no travelling time.

But you are paying for 30 minutes that's what you are entitled to.

One carer actually said to my caree, a half hour call, I have to leave after 20 minutes to get to my next client on time, no 30 minutes means 30 minutes.
Contact the CQC as well there are probably many other clients who are paying and not getting a good service.
Alan, they are FRAUDULENTLY claiming to have done something when they haven't.

The issue of mileage has been addressed in recent years, it was made clear that travelling time should be paid for by the care agency employing the carers.
Agree with bb. What are they writing in the careplan records? Does your mum get given any medication. Id check that the medication administration record is complete, accurate and timely as well.

I had problems with fraudulent activity and entries on care record. I gathered my evidence, and was successful in reclaiming monies back through a formal safeguarding hearing. They are acting fraudulently, shortchanging your mother, this is both the carers and care agency. Depending on what the care records show re time at mum's hom e, any such discrepancy is equally serious.
In my experience I think this behaviour is quite common. If the council is picking up the bill, the family nevers sees the invoices. Mums care was arranged through the council but mum then was sent invoices by the council. It was then it became obvious that the care agency was not adjusting charges for less service. They were continuing to bill the full amount each month.

I had a large amount of evidence when I called CQC and they forwarded the issue to the council's adult safeguarding officer. You can contact safeguarding directly.
My Mum is self funding, every month I have to pick up the phone and pay around £2400 on Mums card. I realised a long time ago I'm not getting any inheritance..

I complained and the manager said that from now on Mum would get 10 minutes on the commode every call, it worked for one day, now the carers just write "had 10 minutes on the commode" every call despite me being present for the past two calls and knowing its not true.

I'm so angry, how do they get away with it????
How long do they say they've been there in the care records? The full 30 minutes or the actual amount if less than the allotted time?

I had a Ring doorbell that recorded their comings and goings.

They get away with it because few people have unpaid carers who take the time to check! AND a lot of people don't have to foot the bill: the LA does.

Your mother is lucky to have you.
Hi Alan,

you have two options, stick with this agency and continue to complain until the issue is sorted or investigate different agencies. if you go with the latter, be upfront from the start, explain what your Mum needs and explain that her current agency aren't allowing her a full 10 mins on the commode nor staying the full half hour. This will ensure they are aware that agreeing they can met her needs and then not doing so won't be tolerated.

They should be writing care and signing time in time out
Make a mental note of each episode. Jot down details and then proceed with a complaint formally. I agree that this is really serious and something needs to be done about this now.