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surely this is not right is it? - Carers UK Forum

surely this is not right is it?

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Hi again, I have not been able to make our bed or bathe my Wife for over a Month now due to a Chronic back condition brought on by my caring role, our Macmillan Nurse, District Nurse team and GP's are all aware of this yet I have had no offers of help at all, my Wife is Incontinent both ways! and to say She and the Bed are in a mess is an understatement, is there anyone specifically I can contact to seek help with this issue Please?.
You need to contact social services and ask for an urgent needs assessment and stress that its urgent because of your back and also stress that you are unable to do it. You should be able to have care workers come in to help clean her and change the bed. All the while you are doing things people will just assume that you will continue - you have to make a fuss.
Hi crocus, we are waiting for Social Services to re assess my Wife but have been told as they are so short staffed and busy it may be some Weeks before they can do so.
I am now wondering whether to contact our local paper?
Get back to social services and stress how urgent it is - make a fuss.
Ive never tried contacting the press, but people say it can work
Get back on to social services
will do Tomorrow
Surely a soiled bed has to be a health risk? (especally if your wife has cancer, as I take it she has, since you mention a Macmillan nurse). On those grounds alone, could you speak to your GP perhaps?
Ring your GP and ask him to arrange an URGENT NHS Continuing Care Assessment for your wife. In view of your wife's condition this should have been done as a matter of course. Look it up on Google for detailed information.
I think you would be quite justified to ring the Ambulance if no one will listen to you. Let the ambulance staff come and make their own assessment of the situation. That would be the quickest solution. If they don't think it suitable to take her to hospital I feel sure that they would be able to pull a few strings. In my area there is a Rapid Response service specifically designed to keep poorly people out of hospital.