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support groups

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David wrote:Is there a list somewhere of carers groups across the country ? Just curious as they sound a good idea and i have never investigated them.Im in Birmingham if anyone knows of one..........
Hi David

have a look here (from the main website)


You might also find something on your local authorities website (probably listed under Adult Services). I found this when I googled "carers support Birmingham"

Brilliant !!!
Thanks Susieq. Thats really useful....
I will have a good look and see if there is anything nearby
David wrote:Brilliant !!!
Thanks Susieq. Thats really useful....
I will have a good look and see if there is anything nearby
my pleasure, hope you find something :)

(what did we do before google ? :lol: :lol: :lol: )
Haha not sure what we did before google..... perhaps we should google it ? :silly:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I feel collectively (from posts) there is a problem for carers accessing support groups at times suitable to them. Quite frankly once a month does not suffice-you wait for it all month (yes it is rather sad) and then can't go because caree not able to be left. Also one centre mentioned only open mornings. Some caree's are needed most at that time. Are these centres accessible to all within county/borough ie within specific radius. Some of us are isolated at edge of catchment areas with travel time being too long to leave caree. What is required, though probably not feasible, is all day access to well advertised drop ins. Even if not into coffee mornings per se, this would give chance for that all important outside person to person contact and intelligent conversation on all manner of topics. Some of us are still young and will age before our time for lack of people contact. Maybe the venues could 'wander' to aid greter access. Any ideas?
Dotty, my carers centre does a weekly drop in. It's central in the city centre, but a pain by car as no parking & using public transport doubles the time.

It is staffed by someone from the centre, it's pot luck who else you meet when you go.

Melly 1
Parking and alternative mode of transport being too time consuming is precisely the problem. Also I don't go out a.m. when caree asleep for varying times as calls for me on awakening. Not only worried she's alone but also I need to maintain mood to get that all important wash in! Sometimes on awakening thinks breakfast not yet had and needs directing away from that as diabetic. Probably mentioned that already.
Unless you are looking specifically for a Carer's Centre group where there will also be someone to advise on benefits etc have you ever thought about checking with the local churches ?

In our area a couple of the Churches hold regular 'social' type gatherings - some are coffee mornings and some are of the afternoon tea variety. Sometimes they have a speaker other times it's just a get together for people who don't have the opportunity to get and about much.

And there is also the WI; their meetings are monthly and usually held in the evenings if that is more convenient for you ?

I think that there will always be a problem of Carers' groups meeting at a convenient time - what's convenient for one Carer might not be convenient for another. Most are run as a charity and funds are tight, so it might not be financially feasible to use premises other than those they already occupy - even church halls will charge a quite hefty fee.