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chillilover wrote:If you try out a Carers group can you let me know how you get on. I can only find one anywhere near me and even so it's still quite a drive and through the city centre as well. Also they seemed to be advertising a lot of coffee mornings and craft mornings. The trouble is I work in the mornings and then would need to get home and see to hubby so the earliest I could get away would be about 3.
I'm not keen on evening groups as that would be difficult. It still would be nice I think to talk to people whose life is subject to limitations as well.
I'd just like to know how you get on.
I'm in south Manchester if anyone knows of any.
Hi chillilover,

could I refer you back to your introductory post here ... 7&id=41250

perhaps you missed my reply in which I mentioned a couple of links to Carers' Support Groups in Manchester ?
Hi Jason,

Just interested in whether you have managed to get in touch with any of the carers groups yet. I live in Caterham when i am not in Brighton!!

I tried a carers coffee morning down there but it didn't really do it for me, particularly as it took me away from dad on the days I have to be with him.

I would rather be able to just drop in somewhere occasionally or just meet with other carers off the forum here for coffee and a chat occasionally. Making cards and stuff just isn't for me!!!

Keen to find out any news.

Manchester carers forum are promoting a group in south manchester ... atMCF.html
I found the carer's group to be useless and pointless unless you are into coffee mornings or hillwalking and if your a heavy end carer you can't leave your caree to go to them anyway as they won't "caree sit" if the person needs medication, ventilation etc. I feel that the money wasted on these things would be better spent on the people needing the care anyway.

Eun, I see where you're coming from. In a way, it's similar in Cancerworld. There's loads of support stuff for those with what I, rather meanly I know, but there you go!), call 'junior cancer' - ie, those people who just have a fairly low-stage primary cancer and who basically have every reason to look forward to coming out of treatment and getting their lives back (yes, of course, I know, they have the dreadful fear of recurrance hanging over their heads for ever, but in the meantime, they get back to their own lives again).

By contrast, though, there are those who have what I again loosely call 'senior cancer' which is for those either diagnosed when they were already terminal, or have had recurrence from an earlier primary cancer and thus become terminal.

Their situation is entirely different, just as it is for those in Carerworld who (like me, for example!) don't have a full-time caring task or their caree is so ill they need complete and absolute dedication from others to keep going.

In Cancerworld, therefore, one of the things that used to irritate me (still does, I suppose!) are Maggies Centres - they are charity-funded purpose built venues at hospitals where those affected by cancer can drop in and have coffee, chat, etc etc. It's all very worthy etc, in its own way, but to me, the money raised (it's a charity) could be SO MUCH BETTER SPENT in paying for damn life-extension drugs for the terminally ill that the NHS won't fund!

So, yes, I do see where you're coming from, and the bitter exasperation you so understandably feel (and you are, of course, tragically, at the extreme end of the 'senior caring' spectrum). That said, for those with lesser caring roles, then support groups can indeed be very useful and even helpful (I meet weekly with my friend who has her elderly father living with her, and our weekly 'exchange' is really, really valuable!)
Our Carer's Centre has a weekly 'coffee and chat' session that you can drop into when you feel like it; apart from meeting other Carer's there are staff on hand to answer queries about benefits and other problems that Carer's face.

Roughly every couple of months they also offer counselling sessions and alternative therapy sessions - Reiki, neck & shoulder massage etc (for which a small fee is payable).

They also run a monthly ex-Carer's group which is very well attended - people meet for coffee and chat, maybe a talk from a guest speaker and the group leaders arrange the odd day trip out. It's a good way of getting back into the 'swing of things' when caring has ended.
Thank you so much for looking these up for me. I've been through them but everything seems geared towards mornings and over lunch. I don't finish work till half 2 and all these will be over by then. I'll just have to keep looking. There must be something.
chillilover wrote:Thank you so much for looking these up for me. I've been through them but everything seems geared towards mornings and over lunch. I don't finish work till half 2 and all these will be over by then. I'll just have to keep looking. There must be something.
Chillilover - try giving one or two of them a ring, they may have other groups at different times or may know of other centres that might fit in better with your work and caring.
Thought I'd just pop this up again in case anyone is in the Croydon area.

I went to the cares center in George Street, Croydon. Staff are really nice and helpful. They have a cafe open to carers and their carees. It is open 10.30 - 12.30 monday to friday. You need to register with them and then you can access the cafe and other things that they offer. The center is open from 10 in a morning. To use this facility you must pay your council tax to Croydon.

Unfortunately I live over the boundary and am not allowed to use it!!! (particularly as i have a CR post code). Great shame. I wish there were more of these around. I know a lot of the carers here wouldn't be able to use a facility like this but it does appear to offer some great things.

Hope this may be of use to you Jason.
Is there a list somewhere of carers groups across the country ? Just curious as they sound a good idea and i have never investigated them.Im in Birmingham if anyone knows of one..........