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support groups

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Hi all, not sure if this is posted in the right place but does anyone know of any carers support or social groups in the london area.
just wanted somewhere to meet others and chat now and again, as you all know it cant get a bit lonely.

Hello Jason - I do not know the London area but hope someone will be able to point you in the right direction as there must be support groups where you can meet other carers. :)
Hi Jason,

Use the link below re local support groups
http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... ch&task=no

Once you pick London as your region, next box has a drop down menu that enables you to pick your county/borough.

Any problems just come back to us and we will help.

x x
Thanks very much.

take care.
A lot depends on which area of London you are in - have a look on your local council website (Adult Services section). You should find details of Carers support groups in your area there.

You will also find details of local groups listed on the Carers Trust website
http://www.carers.org/carers-services/f ... al-service
(used to be Crossroads and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers until they merged about 18months back).

(I can give you details of groups in Mitcham/Morden and Sutton if that's any help ?)
I am near bromley and i can't seem to find anything.

thanks for your help.
Carers Bromley


Caritas House
2nd Floor
Tregony Road
Tregony Road
Tregony Road

Contact details:
Tel: 0800 015 7700
Email: help@carersbromley.org.uk
there's also a group in Croydon

Croydon Carers Centre


12 Katharine Street

Contact details:
Tel: 020 8688 7219
Email: enquiries@croydoncarers.org.uk
If you try out a Carers group can you let me know how you get on. I can only find one anywhere near me and even so it's still quite a drive and through the city centre as well. Also they seemed to be advertising a lot of coffee mornings and craft mornings. The trouble is I work in the mornings and then would need to get home and see to hubby so the earliest I could get away would be about 3.
I'm not keen on evening groups as that would be difficult. It still would be nice I think to talk to people whose life is subject to limitations as well.
I'd just like to know how you get on.
I'm in south Manchester if anyone knows of any.
I have just looked for something similar in the Birmingham area for MS carers and there is nothing available sadly...
Thank goodness for forums like this :)