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sundowner time

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my mum seems to be suffering more and more in the afternoons.she packs her handbag with things she doesnt need to,like the house phone and remote control for tv,ready to go home when she is already at home.we are waiting for results of a ct scan.any ideas for helping with this or is it just a matter of agreeing all the time ,that this is ok behavior?it happens every day,the same thing,the trouble is she gets earlier wanting to go to bed around 5 0 clock in the afternoon,i try to put it off but she just gets irritable.help .regards jane.
Hello Jane,

Mum's behaviour is definitely "sundowning" - it's often more noticeable in the winter months due to the longer evenings. Some people find that by upping the level of light within the home helps - brighter light bulbs to replicate daylight, more lamps on etc.

You might find this information from the Alzheimer's Society useful
https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/info/2006 ... _changes/8
If she goes to bed in late afternoon, does she then have a more disturbed night, or get up far too early?

If not, then does it matter if she finds it comforting to go to bed that early?

Dementia is very, very hard to 'manage' - as in, it's very hard to manage someone with dementia. Their 'will' is absolute, and they simply cannot understand why what they want to do is 'inappropriate' and they certainly cannot understand why what they do makes life difficult for others.
My 83yr old mum has Sundowner too

Like you mentioned, as soon as it starts to get dark she starts getting very anxious, its her cue to start the bedtime routine and yes she too will go to bed at three in the afternoon because its dark outside, then phone up later to say is it day or night time and to say she has been up all night ( afternoon). Distraction plays a good part in keeping her up later, but am looking into daylight bulbs to help her.

We just put it down to maybe remembering her earlier days (war years and lights out) as she also has the habit of not wanting to turn lights on incase she wakes everybody up (she lives alone at the mo) so wandered about with a torch!

The summer nights are round the corner at last, so hopefully bedtime will return for a while at a later time once more

She has also been put on some mild antidepressant to help calm the anxiety at night time, it does seem to help her. Bless Her

Carolyn x
hi carolyn,i am still waiting for results of my mums ct scan,we are having a home visit from the memory clinic on the 26th feb.i think my mum would benefit from some kind of calming drug.last night she couldnt get off the commode and she wouldnt let me near her to help,lots of panicking so i had to get my brother to come over from the other side of town in a taxi,because he has no transport .it was 3 30 this morning.we managed to get her back on the bed ,after much pulling about etc.she went fast asleep for the next 3 hours.needless to say my brother and i are really cream crackered.roll on the spring.thanks for the advice .jane x