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Carers demand overhaul of carer benefits - Carers UK Forum

Carers demand overhaul of carer benefits

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I went along to see a group of carers hand over to Gordon Brown the 8,000 postcards from carers calling for a radical overhaul of carer benefits. Work is now underway with the National Strategy Working Group looking at income and Carers UK will be feeding in carers' views and ideas on how the benefit system should be changed.
why was this not posted before the event to give the chance for any carers to be able to attend or send a representave to attend for them, 8.000 post cards had all genuine carers been informed and given the chance to add to it, you would have got proper media coverage coverage as numbers when the media are involved, and you could have been talking 50,000 post cards. In this national strategy are us real carers going to get a say or will it just be a selected few that get to put there views forward, I don`t just mean people that use this site I right across the whole spectrum.
agreed Tony.
Where were the 8ooo postcards from, was it just cuk members?
What about the rest of us who didnt know about this?
This has been publicised on the CUK website since May, including on this forum (which is how I first got to hear about it). For more information, see:


As a result I got hold of some postcards in time for Carers Week and got local carers to fill theirs in and send them on - most were not members of CUK. Others from this forum did similar things.
But for the people that have only joined the forum in the last few months new nothing about it the cards could have sent out to all local charity groups or made available on the internet to be printed off, and also through every carers site on the internet, weather cuk like other people or sites if you are really wanting to help carers everyone has the right to be informed and given the oppotunity to participate in every thing that involves us as carers.
i was in LONDON and would have loved to have helped hand over cards i sent 10 cards direct to P.M. and when in FRANCE BELGIUM sent Gordon quite a few cards re carers.
have not yet seen anything on t.v. re hand over of cards.
just yesterday we had the debate which went on all day re elderly falling over and the problems they have re A/E and waiting for operations.
on local radio someone mentioned carers and the elderly she said if old people had a personal carer the have less chance of a fall as most carers look after them 24/7 therefore avoiding an accident in the first place prevention is better than cure.


Postcards were distributed by hundreds of organisations around the country - over 60,000 postcards and we also ran an email campaign. We ran the campaign for over four months. We have not looked at how many are Carers UK members, but I estimate that at least half will not be members of Carers UK.

One of the difficulties we came up against was the law relating to demonstrations near Parliament, subject to considerable debate in the media and ever tightening security in London. We only got clearance on Friday so I emailed all the carers who were attending the Carer Summit.

Only a small group of people are allowed to hand over petitions to Downing Street - i think up to about six are allowed and they all have to be security checked in advance.

I have just returned from the Carers Summit and carers were very very vocal in telling Anne McGuire, the Minister for carer benefits about the need for a radical overhaul of carer benefits.


i dont think GORDON BROWN would allow me near 10 Downing because iam a socialist
Oh boy George that comment made me laugh - thanks!
Believe it or not, one well written letter or email to your own MP is worth at least 100 standardised postcards. If you feel you have missed the boat, dont worry, carers wont go away, just keep writing!