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Anybody any experience of . . .

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I'm looking for a live in carer or - as it turns out - nurse for my aunt. Mentioned this on a previous thread. Now asking if anyone has any experience of either Christies Care or Consultus Care & Nursing Agency. I'd be grateful for any first (or second) hand information.

Just a thought, have you googled for reviews on either places? I know its not a home your after but I remember sometime ago a friends Aunt was actually in a nursing home she wasn't too keen. She had told me that she found a better place by reviews online and not so good review about the home she was previously in!

I do hope others can help, otherwise you could maybe widen your search by joining other forums on this topic.

Take care
M x
Hi John

Good to see you back here! The Commission for Social Care Inspection have information on standards etc.

Their website has a section for people looking for care services.

http://www.csci.org.uk/person_looking_f ... ervic.aspx

Carers UK
Thanks Matt. I'll check it out.

And thanks to you, of course, Maryann.

Rosemary, if you read this, Hi!
Hi John,

So good to see you getting back in to the swing of things and posting again.Bet you are so glad Maryann gave you that little push.( My back still sore from the last one she gave me Image ).

Which borough/council is your aunt under John.If you can pm me some details I will try make a few enquiries for you.No need for anything personal or her name,just area shes in and her illnesses.

Hope you and mam are doing well.
Morning John,

Hope the sun is shining for you and mam.It was torrential rain here last night.

I never had much time last night to look much for you but found the following on the Age Concern forum ... cd=2&gl=uk

I knew a magazine existed for likes of companions etc but I could not remember the name.For some reason I was thinking it was a nurses publication.Anyways,that LADY magazine must be the one.
The drawback with above is you have to do all the leg work yourself and an awful lot of thought would have to go into conditions of employment etc.Have a read though as it will show you a little of what others expect.

Let me know if its ok with you and I will register there to put a posting on asking for names of agencies too.That way you will hopefully get 1st hand experience of others in the same situation as yourself.

Take care
x x x x

P.S. Take a look at the following John


Based in Hexham,they dont actually have the service you need for your aunty but may be able to point you in the right direction.A lot of interesting information on their website.

Good luck
x x x