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After a very hot sultry night I can't decide whether it is cooler in the front of the house or sitting outside. Dad is huddled up in his room with the sun beating down through the glass door, bellowing out, "Shut that door" and has two fires on. I have to keep apologising to nurses and carers who come out dripping.
Morning Henrietta
Phew! That's made me feel quite faint!
I suspect the carers are used to such things but I do feel for them.
It's cooler in my sitting room at the moment.
I'm not looking forward to being at the nursing home today. It always hot there. Hope the windows are open. Even more, I hope the feisty resident doesn't keep closing them!!
Hope your dad will allow the fires to be switched off asap. Xx
my Mum was the same - always cold whatever the temperature was ! I've known her to sit huddled in a blanket with the gas fire on full blast whilst the outside temperature was 30c+ :shock:

I think it's two things - firstly at their age they are less mobile so their body temperature stays low 'cos they're not moving much and secondly it's yet another symptom of dementia as their body's temperature gauge stops working properly. Just need to make sure that in the hot weather they are drinking more than usual to avoid dehydration.