Move in with Mum - Will I have to leave, she goes into care

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Dear Everyone

I am considering moving in with my Mum, who has Vascular Dementia (aged 75) and becoming her carer (possibly working part-time too). We are tenants in common and I have 90% of the property (but I realise this may not count, and the property may have to be sold to pay for fees - but she was adament, with Solicitor, to prevent an estranged sibling from having any rights) Anyway, I would really appreciate some views/advice. If I move in and Mum needs to go into care at some point down the road, would I have to leave the property? I am not 60 for another 11 years, and am not a dependent. I do not own a property of my own, but rent at this time. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you so much
Hi Sarah, as this is such an important issue, I think you should contact Carers UK for a definitive answer. However, for the time being, think carefully about giving up your own place. Some carers here have kept on their flat, so that every so often they can "escape" to somewhere which is truly away from caring, even if it's only a few days here and there.