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Succession rights when a housing association tenant dies - Carers UK Forum

Succession rights when a housing association tenant dies

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I am a carer for a friend. I live in their flat with them. We are not in a relationship. I have lived here for 5 years and my caring responsibilites have grown over that time. I would like to know where I stand regarding right to succession in the event of my friends death. The tenancy is in my friends name, who has lived in the flat for 27 years. Nobody else lives here and their are no other tenants. The housing association know I have been living here and caring for 5 years. Thanks.
Send this post as an e-mail to the help on this site, who will give you advice.
Ask Citizens Advice.
Sorry, I haven't a clue but that's what I would do.
http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advic ... on_tenancy

http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advic ... nancyRight to assign a housing association tenancy
Tenants with the right to assign

Assured and assured shorthold housing association tenants can only assign their tenancy if the tenancy agreement allows it. If your tenancy agreement doesn't say anything about assignment, you need written permission from the housing association.

Secure housing association tenants can assign their tenancy to their:

spouse or registered civil partner, as long as they are living with them
cohabiting partner or another member of their family (this includes children, parents, siblings and most other close relatives), as long that person has been living with the tenant for at least one year

Tenants without the right to assign

If you have a starter tenancy or demoted tenancy, you do not have the right to assign. Your tenancy may still be transferred under the rules of succession or as part of a divorce or separation.

Housing association landlords may be willing to transfer a tenancy in other situations, depending on your circumstances and the reason for the transfer.
I have issues over this topic myself. Before I moved in with my mum and prior to giving up my tenancy with the same housing association, I enquired whether it would be possible for me to be added to the tenancy if I gave up the one I had. I received a letter saying if I lived with mum for twelve months, had no debts and caused no trouble they would add me to the tenancy. I did this and after twelve months when I wrote to ask to be added, on mum's behalf as she was the tenant, the request was declined.

I got my MP involved and long story short I received a letter from the head guy at the housing to say they would add me as a member of the household. That hardly seems to have any clout at all.
I've been told that this housing association allows for two successions to the tenancy and so even if mum had succeeded to it from my late father, I should be able to apply for a succession myself.

When I phoned up to just enquire how long I'd have to leave if they told me I must, they said they'd give me a week and then I'd have to start covering the rent and I'd be able to stay for twelve months if it was under occupied. They said they'd have people with jobs who would be looking for a house like this one.

I have their letter saying they would add me to the tenancy so I'm going to hold onto that and if anyone becomes difficult I'll be taking it to a solicitor.

If only the bedroom tax could be abolished it would make life a lot easier in the future.
I face losing my mum, my job and my home and the prospect has increased my stress and anxiety.

Scruffy x

Just looking through the posts and came across this one. How did you fair?

My parents were joint tenants local housing association. My mother died 3 years ago and succession went to my father. They said only one succession allowed.. is there any room for maneuvere in this? for varyong reasons icluding my own ill health I have lived and cared for my both my parents. During their joint tenancy and since the house has been kept in a good state of repair and decoration to the point that HA workers have repeatedly commented it's the best looked after house they have seen. I am on the housing association records as being a member of the household and I am the contact for all my dad's affairs with them so I deal with everything. My dad is deteriorating at an unexpected rate and I think he may well be admitted to hospital in the next few days. I can't anticipate him coming home again either going into a home or passing away. Myself and my partner would love to take over the tenancy and remain in the house. Obviously it's my home too and being removed from it after all that has happened would, I believe, be hugely detrimental to my ongoing state of ill health... I already suffer with clinical depression amongst a number of other ailments. I have lived and grown up in this house/area and have area good network of support from friends and neighbours close by.. is there anything I can do to persuade he housing association to allow me to start a new tenancy in this property?
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I did thank you but as the start of my post said I wondered how scruffy etc faired as the last post on this was April :)