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Stuff u get when your a carer - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Stuff u get when your a carer

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Maxi you old name-dropper!.

But,I must say,through being a carer,member of carers UK,through this forum,Ive been blessed to witness the brave.Yes,many brave people are carers .Many I meet within and outside my local carers group.

But,here,in this place,the many who inspire me enrich me.The brave way they bear what the care they give brings them,is so very humbling.

I would put on record,one of many such wonderfull souls here,Pixie-Nubbins.

Its those we encounter here,that is a good aspect of careing,for some here,its just a very great privelege to be allowed to hear their story.To marvel at how they cope,thrive and go-on.

Pixie is one of those souls.

Many-such souls come here.It is the good side of here.
Fraser, there's no point in mentioning the pittance they call carer's allowance, since only a select few "worthy cases" actually get it...
summer hope, your so right , carers allowance is more annoying than anything, on it eight years now ,credit card debts etc +loans basically more goes out than comes in. One day I hope to be ab le to work , at least their is this topic ,basicaly ,avoid giving up work to care if you can,that would be the advice I would give anyone considering caring.If you cant ,dont feel guilty ,claim all you can, and make the best of it ,and try to appreciate your caree even if no one else seems to care about them ,you do ,thats worth more than any money .
summer.your right about carers allowance.cant add much to your view,its mine too.
After sleeping on my previous post, I realise that it might come across as bitter - which isn't my intention. I just want the work that I do 24/7 365 to be acknowledged and the odd break to deal with my own health here and there wouldn't go amiss.

I've been dealing with the huge black cloud that is depression for the past three months and have only just got to the point where I can think beyond the next minute - all without seeing a dr or other health professional.
often things we write may,later,seem a bit more or less then what we meant to write.but i think your point about carers allowance is shared by very many here.

depression is just the pits,the pit of despair.it consumes and is hard to shake off.

i can only say it can be managed,held,calmed.not easy.but doable.
depression i think is something so normal now its unreal
i actually enjoy bieng a manic depressive coz when i have a good- ITS BLINDING! lol
seriously though we r so isolated and cut off at times its no wonder
I almost walked in to the carers association palce down ours- i got to the door and couldnt, confidence has sort of gone out the window
hate that , coz then i feel bad that a few yrs ago i would have gone in
Churchill called it "The Black Dog",shadowing him,DEPRESSION.I work with some great people who are suffered,do suffer this terrible thing.Its lived with,an alltoo frequent visitor.

Unwelcome,time consuming,often,all consuming.

Its SHARED,by so many souls.